Why I Became a Full-time Blogger?

When I was struggling in a civil engineering institute in Sylhet and was thinking about changing my future making huge money, I never expected that I will get kicked out from the institute for several reasons. It changed my life. I was married without the permission of my family. I was pretty much kicked out from the family too. My wife parents were also against us. Overall, that was a perfect situation to commit suicide. But, luckily I started blogging before that incident.

Why I Became a Full-time Blogger?
Why I Became a Full-time Blogger?

I started having some good amount from Google AdSense and that was changed my lifestyle and let me struggle and survive. End of 2017, I got a shocking divorce from my loving wife and that was another shock for me. My tech blog was pretty established at that time. But after divorce, I moved in Sylhet with my family. I am lucky that they accepted me. I got sick, too seriously for four months in a single bed. I got some mental illness and got cured after almost eight-month.
Google came with few major updates on that time and SEO got changed a bit. My blog got hit and decreased by 70% traffic and income. I was broken. I had no motivation to start again. I was thinking to give up and go abroad for finding luck.
But I believed myself, worked on the old blog and got recovery within the next four months. And everything is going great till then. There are so many reasons that are why I wanted to become a blogger. Let me share some of them.

1. Money

Why I Became a Full-time Blogger?

Yeah, money comes first in my case. You will find that most of the bloggers say, don’t blog for money. Even I say that to everyone, don’t blog for money. But when I started blogging, money was the first thing on my mind. I thought to make money from working hard, it was not my passion. But one thing for sure, working with computers and writing was my hobby.
I had the intention to make money from my childhood. And when I found lots of people are making good amount doing blogging, I thought to dive and start blogging. But it was not that easy. After realizing the sad and hard part of blogging, I did a huge struggle.
I spent hours in late-night, reading blogs and preparing my next content. Gave less time to my family and friends. Became an unsocial person. But the end of the day, it pays off. Money should be a reason, but not the main reason of course.

2. Interest in Writing

Why I Became a Full-time Blogger?
Interest in Writing

I never made real money until I wrote content for a lady I met on Facebook. She hired me and paid 50 US dollars for a two day writing gig. That was pretty awesome and I thought to keep continue writing. Her review inspired me a lot. I had a mentor, I wrote a few articles for him too. He also gave me the motivation to keep writing up. And I started to take them seriously.
I was a reading guy, I love reading. And that made my writing life so easy. Before writing anything, I read about it enough and think and make a content strategy.
So, yeah interest in writing is one of the biggest reasons behind start blogging.

3. Passion on My Niche

It’s really important for everyone. I am really tech-savvy. I love to know every damn thing about technology. I used to read lots of tech blogs daily. I loved their news, reviews, and views. And that drives me to become a tech blogger. But when I started blogging, I found it’s not that easy to create content and that’s why I sometimes hire a writer for me. Most of the time, I hire Nigerian or Philippine people as my co-writer.
So before start blogging, find out that if you are passionate in your niche or not.

4. I Wanted to Gain Knowledge

Why I Became a Full-time Blogger?
Gain Knowledge

Yes, you read right. I wanted to gain knowledge. From my childhood, I hated to read textbooks. But I borrowed almost 10 books a week from the school library. Once, my class teacher banned me from the library.
I always wanted to learn something else, something more. And I think that’s a big reason behind my blogging journey. As I am working more and more, I need to research more and more and that’s the process to learn more.
I am gaining knowledge every day, and I am enjoying it.
Remember, if you don’t enjoy your work, you can’t survive.


These are the top four reasons that are why I wanted to start blogging. I suggest everyone nowadays to start blogging as a passion or hobby. Don’t keep the monetization part on your mind in the startup. If you can drive a good amount of traffic then you can handle that side.