Top 10 Free and Best Android Video Editors and Tutorial (Updated 2019)

Top 10 Free and Best Android Video Editors

In this digital era, people love video editing. There are such amazing editing tools that could make your video more attractive and interesting. Now people want to do everything in their mobile device. That’s why developers have come with so many video editing apps for Android. Today I am going to show the top 10 free and best Android video editor ever.

Top 10 Free and Best Android Video Editors
Top 10 Free and Best Android Video Editors

I am pretty much sure that, you will love them if you are looking for an ‘Android Video Editing App‘. Most importantly, I am sharing a few amazing tutorials of these apps, where you can learn how to edit your videos in Android mobile.

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#1 VideoShow

Price: FreeMium
Developer: VideoShow EnjoyMobi Video Editor & Video Maker Inc
App Genre: Video Players & Editors

Key Features:
✔️ VideoShow has ranked as the best video editor for Android is so many countries.
✔️ It has more than 400 millions users almost
✔️ Export your video HD without losing quality
✔️ Huge free pieces of music to use with license
✔️ Remove watermark upgrading paid version
✔️ Easy to create slide videos
✔️ An option to edit your photos also
✔️ Various types of texts and fonts to use
✔️ Can add multiple kinds of music in the same video
✔️ Create a layer and add good experience in mobile editing
✔️ A professional video cutter, without losing your moments
✔️ Fast/slow motion videos
✔️ Easy to share in other platforms from this

Bangladesh Trend Rating: 9.5/10

VideoShow Tutorial: 

#2 Adobe Premiere Clip

Price: FreeMium
Developer: Adobe
App Genre: Video Players & Editors

Key Features:
✔️ An official Adobe mobile apps for editing your videos
✔️ Very easy to select your images, music and create a video
✔️ It has a special feature like drag and drops
✔️ Easily can trim your unwanted clip parts
✔️ Few beautiful transitions to make your video more interesting
✔️ Slow motion effect is very smooth and realistic
✔️ Some external features for editing your sound
✔️ You can add visual effect on a still image
✔️ You can share it easily on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter

Bangladesh Trend Rating: 9.2/10

Adobe Premiere Clip Tutorial:

#3 FilmoraGo 

Price: FreeMium
Developer: Wondershare Software (H.K.) Co., Ltd.
App Genre: Video Players & Editors

Key Features:
✔️ Easy to import media files
✔️ Mix your photo and music simply
✔️ Lots of licensed music in FilmoraGo library, free to use for users
✔️ A huge collection of video filters
✔️ You can import media file from Facebook or Instagram
✔️ Lots of interesting ‘Titles’ for your video
✔️ Few common features as like, Slow Motion, Reverse Play, Trim, etc are available
✔️ Language support more than 10

Bangladesh Trend Rating: 9.2/10

FilmoraGo Tutorial:

#4 KineMaster

Price: FreeMium
Developer: KineMaster Corporation
App Genre: Video Players & Editors

Key Features:
✔️ There are multiple layers to import video, audio, images, stickers
✔️ Create a video with adding voiceovers easily
✔️ Change background sound
✔️ Few interesting voice effects
✔️ Unique sticker gallery
✔️ Awesome fonts
✔️ Some video transitions to make the video more effective
✔️ Time-lapse, slow motion, and all speed control
✔️ Feature to splice, trim, and crop your video
✔️ Keyframe animation tool
✔️ You can export 4K 2160p video at 30FPS

Bangladesh Trend Rating: 9/10

KineMaster Tutorial:

#5 WeVideo Editor

Price: FreeMium
Developer: WeVideo Inc.
App Genre: Video Players & Editors

Key Features:
✔️ Easily export your clips and images
✔️ Arrange clips in the layers
✔️ Add video title and captions
✔️ You can publish your video in 4K (Paid Version)
✔️ A good tool to edit your audios too
✔️ Lots of emojis to add fun in your video
✔️ Blurred background features
✔️ Upload your video directly in YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and Dropbox
✔️ Remove watermark upgrading the paid version
✔️ Lots of themes and free music

Bangladesh Trend Rating: 8.8/10

#6 AndroVid – Video Editor

Price: FreeMium
Developer: zeoxy
App Genre: Video Players & Editors

Key Features:
✔️ It’s a video trimmer
✔️ It’s a video joiner
✔️ It’s a tool to arrange your cut clips
✔️ Reverse your video
✔️ Create an animated GIF from your video
✔️ Change video formats
✔️ Create interesting slideshow videos
✔️ Rotate your videos
✔️ Add text, images, emoji easily in the video
✔️ Lots of video effects as like slow-motion, and other color effects
✔️ A rich music library

Bangladesh Trend Rating: 8.5/10

AndroVid Video Editor Tutorial:

#7 Magisto 

Price: FreeMium
Developer: Magisto 
App Genre: Video Players & Editors

Key Features:
✔️ Next level video editing tool for Android device
✔️ Probably the best one
✔️ Professional version for business using
✔️ Easy to create marketing videos for social media to promote your business
✔️ Create your next video ad with Magisto
✔️ Edit longer HD video
✔️ Add logos and caption in your video
✔️ A big music library

Bangladesh Trend Rating: 8.2/10

Magisto Tutorial:

#8 VivaVideo

Price: FreeMium
Developer: QuVideo Inc.
App Genre: Video Players & Editors

Key Features:
✔️ Storyboard editing mode
✔️ Tech Radar suggested best video editing tool for Android
✔️ Control your video speed
✔️ Easy to create slide videos with your images
✔️ Few colorful video themes and effects
✔️ Lots of music and themes, free to download
✔️ Remove Viva logo from video upgrading in the paid version
✔️ Turn your photos and video clips in a movie
✔️ Video collage mode
✔️ Time-lapse, slow-motion,

Bangladesh Trend Rating: 9/10

VivaVideo Tutorial:

#9 PowerDirector 

Price: FreeMium
App Genre: Video Players & Editors

Key Features:
✔️ Edit your music video
✔️ Crop, Trim, and Join video clips to create an exciting video
✔️ Fix your shaky video as stable
✔️ Control speed, make a slow motion and fast motion videos
✔️ Chroma key feature to edit your background as like professional
✔️ It’s an easy and powerful tool to edit your HD mobile videos
✔️ There are lots of video effects to add
✔️ Edit Blue screen or green screen video easily
✔️ Create a slide show videos
✔️ Give voiceover and change the background music of a video
✔️ Save and export videos in almost every format

Bangladesh Trend Rating: 7.6/10

PowerDirector Tutorial:

#10 Funimate: Music Video Clip Editor

Price: FreeMium
Developer: AVCR Inc.
App Genre: Video Players & Editors

Key Features:
✔️ Add so many video effects
✔️ Edit your HD Videos with Funimate
✔️ Add music into your video
✔️ Best for editing short videos

Bangladesh Trend Rating:

Funimate Tutorial:


I am pretty much sure that you will love most of these Android video editors. We have ranked them according to our own ratings. We did use all the apps, checked their performance and now sharing with you. 

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