Top 5 Passive Income Ideas in Bangladesh

There are lots of people wanted to make money online in Bangladesh and most of them want to learn about a passive way to generate money. Hey folks, this is for you. Today we are going to demonstrate detailed information on passive money making in Bangladesh.

Top 5 Passive Income Ideas in Bangladesh
Top 5 Passive Income Ideas in Bangladesh

We are going to share the top 5 ways to make money online with passive income. Let’s tell you what is passive income at first?
Passive Income: Passive income is money making stream that will keep making money after building or scaling an online business properly. When the business will grow, you don’t need to do anything, it will keep giving you revenue. This business module has been really popular all across the world and people are really being interested to build a business that generates passive income.
And that’s why we are going to reveal the top 5 passive money making business ideas for you.

#1 Blogging

Top 5 Passive Income Ideas in Bangladesh

When I think about passive income, the first think come into my mind is Blogging. The reason is, I am a blogger and making pretty good amount with it and it’s almost passive for me. I don’t have to do so much work for this blog. I started this blog in February 2019 and it has been grown pretty well then. I have few other blogs too and this blog is based on Bangladeshi several topics. After doing blogging for 4 years, I thought to make something that will be really attractive for my countrymen and they will get benefited from it.
And that’s why I started Bangladesh Trend. So let me tell you how blogging generates passive income.
First of all, you have to consider blogging as an online business module. It requires time and money to invest. If you can write content for it, you are good to go and can save lots of money.
You need to select a niche, few keywords, and content heading with these keywords. I prefer finding 50 keywords and create 50 contents for the first time.
Then I post 50 contents within two days, but I publish them with a schedule.
I publish a single content in every two days. That’s mean 15 contents in a month. And 50 contents are enough for three and a half months. That’s a pretty good start. After scheduling all posts, you don’t need to take the pressure. You just need to visit your site and share the contents on social media platforms and do some blog commenting. That will give you an extra boost on your blog.
After three and a half month, you will find a small grow in traffic. Do the same for the next three month, and keep doing it for a year.
You will get ranked for lots of keywords in a year and will start making good revenue for AdSense of any other Ad Network.
And that will be passive income for the rest of your life, probably, if you can handle it.

#2 Niche Site Building

Top 5 Passive Income Ideas in Bangladesh
Niche Site Building 

Niche site building has been a really interesting business module nowadays. But to be honest, it has been a pretty old idea. But it still works really well for them who can scale a niche site properly.
It’s a blog that publishes product review and attracts people to click their affiliate links and when someone makes a purchase they get a good commission.
 In this case, Amazon Associate is the biggest platform to get started with Niche Site Building and Affiliate Marketing.
There are lots of people in Bangladesh are making millions of dollar every year doing that type of business.
But it requires a really big amount to invest. I suggest everyone, before stepping into a niche site business, learns the basic things properly and understand the potential risks.

#3 Develop Your Own App or Game

Top 5 Passive Income Ideas in Bangladesh

You can make your own game or app. There is a huge opportunity for Bangladeshi people to make money from Google AdMob. You need to have a good App or Game for this. Let me explain the process.
First of all, you need to develop an App that will solve some problem for people or a game that people will love to play and spend time on it.
Then you need an account on Google Play Store. You will upload your app on the store and get ranked with doing ASO to get ranked for few search terms in the store.
If you integrate your AdMob ad code in the app then you will start making money from the ads.
It is a really big way to make a handsome amount of money.

#4 Develop WordPress Theme and Sell Them

Top 5 Passive Income Ideas in Bangladesh

The best way for the Web or Theme Developers to make your own theme and sell them on different marketplaces. There are lots of places where you can sell your themes.
ThemeForest.Com is one of the top markets.
After developing your theme, you need to submit and if they approve your theme you will start getting sell if your product is good enough.

#5 Create a Course

If you think you are expert enough in a specific thing then makes an online course on that topic. You can publish your course on site like Udemy, where you will find lots of targeted students who are looking for similar courses.
Course making is really good business to make passive income.


After all, you need to have skill. So I suggest my Bangladeshi people to learn more and develop your skill. When you will feel that you are skilled enough to get started then start it.
Good luck…

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