Satchari National Park Travel Guide: What to Do and What to See

Location: Chunarughat Upazila, Habiganj, Sylhet

Established: 2005
Area: 243 ha (600 acres)
Famous for: Nisharga Shahayata Prakalpa, Wildlife, Plants
Satchari means ‘Seven Streams’ and there are seven streams flowing in this jungle.

Satchari National Park
Satchari National Park Inside Road

Dhaka to Satchari (Habiganj) Bus and Train Schedule

You can easily take a Dhaka to Sylhet train from any railway station in Dhaka. Then you need to arrive in Shayestaganj Railway Station. Then you can hire a CNG for taking you to Satchari National Park.

I am from Sylhet and that’s why it was easy for me to go Satchari, because this national park is located in Chunarughat, Habiganj and not so far from my place. We, two friends, planned to go and there and on the fixed day we take a bus from Sylhet to Shayestaganj. After one and half hour journey, we reached in Shayestaganj. Then we took CNG to go Chunarughat from Shayestaganj point. The road is exactly opposite of Habiganj city road. It took around 25 minutes to go there.
And finally, we hired another CNG to Sathchari from there. But if you travel from Dhaka, I always suggest you guys hire a CNG directly from Shayestaganj to Satchari. It will be easy and helpful for you.

Satchari National Park
Satchari National Park Road

What to see there in Satchari?

I was pretty much excited because I never been there before. When we started entering the area of Satchari, it was looking like we are entering in a dark jungle. I was really amazed to see the natural view and scene. There are so many tea estates near the national park and Indian border too. As you know, a few years ago BGB found some arms in a hole near Indian Border. When you will enter the main park, you will see the real beauty of nature. Lots of trees, beautiful river and some exciting spots.

Satchari National Park
Satchari National Park

The most interesting thing was the watchtower. I loved that. I saw the entire park from there. There is a Tipra village near the park and almost 20 families are living there.
Now it has been a tourist attraction and that’s why lots of people visit that place regularly.

Satchari National Park
Satchari National Park

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