Pohela Boishakh Paragraph For All Classes

Pohela Boishakh Paragraph
Pohela Boishakh

Pohela Boishakh

Pohela Boishakh is the first day of Bengali year. So you can call this ‘Bengali New Year’. This is one of the biggest cultural celebrations in Bangladesh. People of every religion love to join in this celebration. There are so many attractive things happens in the Boishakh Celebration. People wear fancy dresses. Girls and ladies wear Saree. Saree is a traditional Bengali dress. Boys wear Punjabi and Dhuti.

Bangladeshi and Indian Bengali people celebrate this occasion with huge fun. Dhaka University arranges a rally called ‘Mangal Shubajatra’ in Dhaka. This is an amazing gathering of every type of peoples. And then they arrange another cultural program in ‘Ramnar Botomul’. ‘Chayanaut’ arrange that program. Another interesting part of Pohela Boishakh is ‘Boishakhi Mela’ or Boishakh Fair. Lots of villages and cities arrange so many fairs.
Pohela boishakh paragraph
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Pohela Boishakh – Paragraph 2

Pohela Boishakh is Bengali New Year. It’s the first day of the Bangla calendar. People believe that if they can start a good day in Pohela Boishakh, his whole year will be amazing. And for that, they celebrate the day with so much fun and social activities.  It’s an important part of Bengali tradition. Bengali from all across the world celebrates this day.
There are lots of Boishakhi images, songs and poems are available. ‘Esho He Boishakh’ is the most popular Boishaki song ever. Rabindranath Tagore wrote that epic song. People arrange so many types of program in this day. Especially the villagers make so much fun in the village fair.
There is special food for Boishakh and it is Panta-Ilish. Everyone in the morning, eat this food. It’s wet rice and fried Hilsha fish. That’s a traditional dish.

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