Best 11 Online Income Source in Bangladesh

There is a huge opportunity for the jobless young people in Bangladesh to make some money online. Today I’m going to share my experience on ‘Online Income Source in Bangladesh’. I will share a few income source and jobs that you can get and make some real quick money. I hope that will be helpful for you. Let’s dive into the online money making an ocean in Bangladesh.

Online Income Source in Bangladesh
Online Income Source in Bangladesh

1. Blogging

Online Income Source in Bangladesh

Blogging is the best way to make money online from Bangladesh. It’s the most reliable and passionate way that I think. But sometimes, might be blogging is not your passion, if it is not then don’t force yourself. But if you think you can create unique pieces of contents regularly and can keep your blog alive for a year with your creative writing, then you should dive into blogging.
Starting a blog is not that hard or complicated. First of all, you need to select a topic or niche. Then you should buy a domain name for your blog website. Suppose you picked ‘Football’ as your niche. Now look at some of the football websites, they are like ‘Goal.Com’ and others like this. Now you need to pick a domain and host it into a web hosting server.
We always prefer WordPress and blogging platform, but if you are a beginner and want to start free then you should be on Blogger. It’s amazing if you can handle it properly.
Don’t worry you will learn it step by step.
We have got a blog building recommendation for you. If you want to create a blog from scratch without giving your all effort on that you can order this ‘Blog Building Package’. They are doing amazing and selling some thrilling blogs in different niches.

2. Web Designer

Online Income Source in Bangladesh
Web Design

There are so many programming languages that you need to learn if you want to become a complete web designer. In this time, most of the people are using WordPress as their website platform. Even we prefer this platform. You can learn WordPress from Udemy or YouTube for free with so many free courses.
After learning complete WordPress customization and a few basic coding languages, you can develop a good looking website easily. Then you are preparing to build a website professionally.
You working quality will depend on your experience. If you do so many experiment projects then you might be an expert without spending a penny on buying the course.
And then you can offer several companies to create a website for them. The best way to get clients is online market places like UpWork or Fiverr. You should have a professional looking profile there. If you can do these properly you won’t face any lacking for clients.

3. Graphic Designer

Online Income Source in Bangladesh
Graphic Designer

People love visual contents now and that’s where the job for creative design is being created. Day by day, this job posting is being more and more interesting. Graphic designers are needed in every sector. You can learn all these skills doing any free or paid course online. We prefer buying a course from Udemy and follow that A to Z.
Two software that a graphic designer should know about is Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.
If you become a master on this two software then you are good to start a graphic design business. Now you can ask me that how will I get clients?
Simply as I said for the web developers, you can follow that to find some graphics clients.

4. Become an App Developer

Online Income Source in Bangladesh
App Developer

Apps are everywhere. People are using apps for almost everything. In the App store or Google Play Store, you will find apps related to everything. The developers of these apps make really good money. There are two main ways to make money from an app.
First, one is to develop your own app and upload it on Play Store and monetize it with Google AdMob. This is the best and amazing app monetization platform for everyone. You can make unlimited money from this.
Another one is you can start developing apps for others. Suppose a company needs an app to handle its account. You can make one for them. If you are expert enough, then you can start an app developing company and make jobs for others.

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5. Start an Affiliate Business

Online Income Source in Bangladesh
Affiliate Business

Affiliate marketing has been one of the most popular earning sources online for Bangladeshi people. When we hear about Affiliate marketing, the first thing that comes into my head is ‘Amazon Affiliate’. Amazon is the biggest E-commerce website and you can promote their product and if you can make a sale you will get paid a certain amount as commission.
Amazon affiliate is that simple. You need a blog, dedicated to a specific niche. Then if you start getting traffic on this niche, you can promote some products there.
There are so many other affiliate platforms or programs are available. You can try there too.

6. Become a YouTube Creator

Online Income Source in Bangladesh
YouTube Creators

YouTube is a video platform that all know about. It has been the second largest search engine after Google. Now we watch videos there all day. But they, YouTube don’t upload any of them. The users like us are the creator. YouTube pays them based on view amount and ads clicking.
Suppose you have a YouTube channel and can upload some interesting or informative video and if people love your video then you can monetize your channel with YouTube AdSense. They will show ads on your video and you will get paid.
Anyone can make videos on YouTube. There is no restriction.

7. Start an Ecommerce Business

Online Income Source in Bangladesh
Ecommerce Business

Ecommerce is growing in Bangladesh and lots of people are getting connected with this business. Bangladesh has some top eCommerce website and they are doing really well. We have researched their business graph and found most of them are going amazing.
Now how can you start an eCommerce business?
To start an eCommerce business, you need to have a website, a unique store name, products, and marketing knowledge.
You have to reach to your potential customers. You can use Facebook Ads or Google Ads to that. And you can also do free marketing, it’s organic. I always tell people to do SEO and try to get customers from Search Engine. These customers are stable and regular. If you get ranked, you won’t need anything.

8. Do Paid Consultation

Paid consultation is an amazing business. Suppose you are good at WordPress, now you can start a consulting business with this. People will pay you when you will talk to them and solve their problems. Consultation is a popular business all over the world.
It’s not that popular or reputed in Bangladesh.

9. Become a Writer and Sell Contents

Online Income Source in Bangladesh
Become a Writer

As you can see, I am a writer myself and I write for several blogs. This blog is even paid work. The blog owner will pay me a fixed amount for this content. I am writing and selling my contents. Lots of blog and online magazine owner looks for good web content. If you can write really creative and interesting content then it’s really easy for you to make some money selling your content in Bangladesh.

10.  Get a Job on Fiverr or UpWork

Online Income Source in Bangladesh
Online Marketplaces

Get a skill and get hired for that on Fiverr or UpWork. This option is much simpler.

11. Make T-Shirt Marketing Business

You can join a platform like TeeSpring or Sunfrog, where you can sell your own designed T-Shirt and can make a good amount.

Some FAQ or Online Income Source in Bangladesh

Q: How can I earn money by typing online?

A: There are lots of typing jobs there in UpWork and Fiverr. Most of them provide pdf format to type it into a word format. These types of jobs are huge and available to everyone.

Q: Which is the best online money making site in Bangladesh?

A: If you want to make money from Bangladesh online then you need to go into the best online money making site. Here is the list for you. 
 1. UpWork 
 2. Fiverr 
 3. People per hour 
 4. 99design 
 5. Freelancer 
 6. Guru

Q: Is there any genuine way to make money online?

A: There are so many genuine ways to make money online. I always suggest people learn and skill and then come to make money. Here is some genuine skill that you can use to make money. 
 1. Web Design 
 2. Graphic Design 
 3. App Developer 
 4. Content Writer

Q: How can I make fast money online?

A: The fastest way to make money is the Affiliate business. You need to design a landing page, need to choose the perfect offer for you. Finally, you need to spend a couple of hundreds of dollars on advertising.

Q: How can I make $100 a day?

A: Google AdSense could be the best way to make $100 a day. You need a blog with good traffic for that.

Q: How can I earn through Google?

A: To make money from Google is the best way is Google AdSense and Google AdMob. If you want to make money from AdSense you need a blog or YouTube channel. Or if you want to make money from AdMob, you need a mobile app.

Q: How to earn money being a student in Bangladesh?

A: Any students can start making money online in Bangladesh. It’s really easy for them because they have lots of free time. They can learn any of these skills that we have added into this post.


These money-making sources are really amazing. If you want to make some real money, you should try one of them. That will help you to earn some real money online in Bangladesh.

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