Ekushe Express Counter List, Contacts and Ticket Prices

If you want to travel Dhaka to Noakhali then we are suggesting Ekushe Express for the best experience. They are having some really amazing buses on this route. They are comfortable, safe and fast. So today we are going to share some important information about Ekushe Express. We will share their entire counters list, addresses and contacts numbers. We will try to add a few reviews and ticket prices including them.

Ekushe Express All Counters List

Maijdee All Counters of Ekushe Express

Maizdi Booking Office
Phone Number: 01730-897475

Maijdi Bazar
Phone Number: 01730-897457

Maijdi Town Hall Road
Phone Number: 01730-897454

Ekushe Express
Ekushe Express 

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Ekushe Express Noakhali Counters

Phone Number: 01730-897473

New bus terminal in Maizdai
Phone Number: 01730-897456

Sonapur Railway Station
Phone Number: 01730-897452

Maijdee pouroshova building
Phone Number: 01730-897455

Choumani Crossroads
Phone Number: 01730-897458

Phone Number: 01730-897459

Phone Number: 01730-897460

Dutt’s house
Phone Number: 01730-897453

Sonapur Zero Point
Phone Number: 01730-897451

Phone Number: 01730-897461

Ekushe Express
Ekushe Express 

Dhaka Counters of Ekushe

TT Para (Manik Nagar BISSAW Road)
Phone Number: 01730-897400

JONOPOTH MOR (Sayedabad 6)
Phone Number: 01730-897406, 01730-897405

Phone Number: 01730-897402

Phone Number: 01730-897411

Tongi College Gate
Phone Number: 01730-897421

Phone Number: 01730-897498

Fakira Pool
Phone Number: 01730-897415

Phone Number: 01730-897413

Farmgate (Kawran Bazar)
Phone Number: 01730-897410

Phone Number: 01730-897496

Phone Number: 01730-897410

Phone Number: 01730-897403

Phone Number: 01730-897412

Phone Number: 01730-897422

Chittagong Road
Phone Number: 01730-897416

Phone Number: 01730-897407

Phone Number: 01730-897420

Tongi Market
Phone Number: 01730-897499

Phone Number: 01730-897417

Phone Number: 01730-897408

Phone Number: 01730-897409

Uttara, Ajampur
Phone Number: 01730-897497

Ekushe Express
Ekushe Express Bus

Ekushe Express Ticket Price

All these ticket prices are from Dhaka to this location.

Dhaka to Maijdi
Non AC: Tk. 380

Dhaka to Sonapur
Non AC: Tk. 380

Dhaka to Laksam
Non AC: Tk. 380

Ekushe Express Reviews

I am a student at Dhaka Polytechnic Institute. I need to travel Dhaka to Noakhali very often. I prefer Ekushe as my best travel partner on this route.

– Sayem, Student

I used to travel Sonapur from Dhaka for business issues. I love this bus and I always try to visit with their bus. Their service is highly appreciated.

– Sadat Ahmed, Businessman

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