Dhaka to Noakhali Train Schedule, Ticket Prices, Online Booking 2020

Noakhali is a well-known place in Bangladesh. Everyone knows about Noakhali because of lots of social media trolls about this district. People of Noakhali used to call them as ‘Royal District’. Whatever, we are going to share complete Dhaka to Noakhali Train Schedule and Ticket Prices with You. I hope you guys will enjoy this.

Dhaka to Noakhali Train Schedule
Dhaka to Noakhali Train Schedule

There is only one intercity and one mail train operates their service in this route. But both of the trains are really good and people are really satisfied. Let’s check the two train names first.

1. Upokul Express

2. Noakhali Express

Dhaka to Noakhali Train Schedule

You have to learn about departure and arrival times for Dhaka to Noakhali trains, if you are going to travel there. So here is a complete schedule and chart for you. Here we have provided all detailed information for you. I hope you will understand them very well.

Off day
Upokul Express
03.20 PM
10.00 PM
Noakhali express
08.10 PM
07.00 AM

Upokul Express
Train No: 712
Off day: Tuesday
Depart from Dhaka: 03.20 PM
Arrive in Noakhali: 10.00 PM
Upokul Express is the only intercity train in this route. This train leaves Dhaka at 3.20 PM and arrives in Noakhali at 10.00 PM. The train route is really long because it has to travel through B. Baria route. Tuesday is the off day for this service.

Noakhali Express
Train No: 12
Off day: No
Depart from Dhaka: 08.10 PM
Arrive in Noakhali: 07.00 AM

The second train is Noakhali Express that is 12 number trains. It departs from Dhaka at 08.10 PM and arrives in Noakhali at 07.00 AM next morning. It takes too much time than Upokul Express.

Dhaka to Noakhali Train Schedule
Noakhali Railway Station

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Noakhali to Dhaka Train Schedule

Now it’s time to get back to Dhaka city from Noakhali. You need to reach the Noakhali railway station and purchase your return ticket. But wait, before arriving into station learn about the Noakhali to Dhaka Train Schedule from the chart below. I am sure it will be helpful for you.

Upokul Express
06.00 AM
01.00 PM
Dhaka express
09.10 PM
07.30 AM

Upokul Express
Train No: 711
Off day: Wednesday
Depart from Noakhali: 06.00 AM
Arrive in Dhaka: 01.00 PM

Dhaka Express
Train No: 11
Off day: No
Depart from Noakhali: 09.10 PM
Arrive in Dhaka: 07.30 AM

Dhaka to Noakhali Train Ticket Prices

Here is the complete ticket prices list for all Dhaka to Nokhali train. There are four different types of seats on the train. Each type of trains has different ticket prices too. The best is the AC seat with the highest price.

Seat Type
Shovon Chair
295 Taka
290 Taka
385 Taka
AC Seat
647 Taka

NB: Authority makes little changes on the ticket price often. It is based on the current situation. So maybe you will find a decrease or increase in ticket price sometimes. We are not responsible for that. We are just providing the original price that Bangladesh Railway has provided on their official website. So try to find the original ticket price from the counter.

How to Book Dhaka to Noakhali Train Ticket Online?

Now you can book any train online in Bangladesh. We have published a guide on how to book Dhaka to Noakhali train ticket online. You should take a look at that post. You will be able you purchase your next train ticket from online.

What to See in Noakhali?

A big number of people are traveling Noakhali every year. Lots of people want to know the reasons. Here we are adding some interesting spots to visit in Noakhali. I hope you will like these beautiful spots.

1. Hatiya Island

Dhaka to Noakhali Train Schedule
Hatiya Island

2. Gandhi Ashram

3. Nijhum Dwip National Park

4. Bazra Shahi Masjid Complex

5. Musapur Closer, Sea Beach


We tried to provide all information on Dhaka to Noakhali Train Schedule and Ticket Prices. If you need to know anything additional please let us know in the comment box. We will try our best to provide valid information.

Disclaimer: Bangladesh Trend always tries to come with the best and updated traffic and transportation news for all of you. But sometimes, you might find some changes on schedule, ticket price, or contact number. We are not responsible for that. The authority does that. We will always update the latest information with you all. Thanks for Supporting Bangladesh Trend.

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