Dhaka to Dinajpur Train Schedule, Ticket Price and Online Booking 2020

Dinajpuris a northern city of Bangladesh, it’s a highly important place in this country because of huge resources there. This is a district city and they have a huge contribution to the country history and other things. They are really famous for so many famous and historical places. Today we are going to tell you how can you travel Dhaka to Dinajpur by train. We will provide all Dhaka to Dinajpur Train Schedule, Times, Ticket Prices and How to book Online. I hope this guide will be really helpful for you.

Dhaka to Dinajpur Train Schedule
Dhaka to Dinajpur Train Schedule

So what I was talking about is Dinajpur, this city is really interesting. Lots of people are traveling there from Dhaka by train. The train service on this route is not really great, but it’s satisfactory. There are only two trains providing services on this route. The two trains are:

1. Ekota Express
2. Drutajan Express

Both of them are a really good and quality train. Today we will learn detailed about these two trains and their journey time. So let’s dive into Dhaka to Dinajpur and Dinajpur to Dhaka Train Journey Guide.

Dhaka to Dinajpur Train Schedule

As I said before, there are only two trains having in this route. They are awesome. Here is the schedule of departing and arriving time of these two trains.

Ekota Express10: 00 AM07.40 PM
Drutajan Express07.40 AM05.30 AM

Ekota Express
Train No: 705
Off day: Tuesday
Depart from Dhaka: 10: 00 AM
Arrive in Dinajpur: 07.40 PM

Ekota Express is the best train between two in this route. It is having really comfortable and high-quality seats. In the below, we have provided ticket prices for every particular seat types. I hope that will help you. Ekota Express departs from Dhaka in morning 10 AM and it arrives in Dinajpur in evening 7:40 PM. It’s almost 10 hours of journey. It’s one of the longest train journeys from Dhaka to any district city. Tuesday is off day for Ekota Express. 

Drutajan Express
Train No: 757
Off day: Wednesday
Depart from Dhaka: 07.40 AM
Arrive in Dinajpur: 05.30 AM

Drutajan Express leaves Dhaka station in 7:40 AM morning and it arrives in Dinajpur at 5:30 PM. As you can see this is a little bit faster than Ekota express. But the service and other things are exactly the same. Wednesday is off day for Drutajan Express.  

Dinajpur to Dhaka Train Schedule

If you want to get back to Dhaka city from Dinajpur after spending your vacation then here is your time and schedule for Dinajpur to Dhaka Trains. You should take a look and keep this in your mind before booking a ticket.

Train NameDepartureArrival
Ekota Express11.00 PM08.10 AM
Drutajan Express09.15 AM06.10 PM

Ekota Express
Train No: 706
Depart from Dinajpur: 11.00 PM
Arrive in Dhaka: 08.10 AM
Off day: Tuesday

Drutajan Express
Train No: 758
Depart from Dinajpur: 09.15 AM
Arrive in Dhaka: 06.10 PM
Off day: No

Dhaka to Dinajpur Train Schedule
Ekota Express

Dhaka to Dinajpur Train Ticket Price

Both trains have similar seats and that’s why we are providing ticket prices together here. There are 7 different types of seats on the train. Between them, AC Berth is the best and most comfortable seat for you. And it costs 1478 BDT per seat. Here is the detailed and all seat ticket price for you.

Seat TypeFare
AC Berth 1478 Tk
AC Seat983 Tk
1st Berth 855 Tk
Snigdha822 Tk
First Class Chair570 Tk
Shovon Chair430 Tk
Shovon360 Tk

How to Book Dhaka to Dinajpur Train Ticket Online?

Presently the railway ministry has started an online service to buy a train ticket. We have written a detailed guide on how you can purchase Dhaka to Dinajpur train ticket from there. I hope it will be helpful for you.

Why People Visit Dinajpur?

I was saying before that Dinajpur is an interesting place. Lots of people are visiting there for several reasons. Let me tell you some interesting things in Dinajpur that’s why people are visiting this district so much.

1. Ramsagar National Park

2. Kantajew Temple

3. Dinajpur Rajbari

4. Nayabad Mosque

5. Dinajpur Museum

6. Dinajpur Medical College

7. Shopnopuri artificial amusement park

8. Sitakot Vihara

9. Mata Sagar

10. Sura Mosque

As you can see, there are lots of things to see and do in Dinajpur.


It’s almost 342 KM by road in Dhaka to Dinajpur, but train route is a bit longer. And it’s one of the longest in the country. Before getting into the train, confirm your seat, otherwise, it could be really hard for you. If you need any additional information please let us know in the comment box. We will try our best to provide quality information.

Disclaimer: Bangladesh Trend always tries to come with the best and updated traffic and transportation news for all of you. But sometimes, you might find some changes on schedule, ticket price, or contact number. We are not responsible for that. The authority does that. We will always update the latest information with you all. Thanks for Supporting Bangladesh Trend.

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