Civil Engineering Jobs and Career Opportunity in Bangladesh

Engineering is always has been one of the top profession all over the world. Civil engineering is one of the top engineering sectors. Thousands of students are graduating every year in Bangladesh to become a civil engineer. 

Civil Engineering Jobs and Career Opportunity in Bangladesh
Civil Engineering Jobs and Career Opportunity in Bangladesh

Day by day the number is increasing. But a thing that we are concern about is about the job and career opportunity. Are there enough jobs for civil engineers in Bangladesh?
Yes, today we are going to be discussing this topic. I will try my best to the good side and bad side of studying on civil engineering. As a civil engineering student, I have gone through huge confusion and hesitation. But at the end of the day, I have got lots of facts that I need to share with all of you.
There are two types of engineering study in Bangladesh. In the first process, after completing SSC you need to get admitted on a Polytechnic institute. You can complete your degree there as a diploma engineer. Bangladesh has more than 50 government polytechnic. So it’s really easy to get admission and start your dream. It’s a four-year course. You can study BSC and MSC after that.
Another hand, you need to complete HSC and get admitted into any university that has civil engineering faculty. If you are thinking about public universities than you need to target Shahjalal Science and Technology University, BUET, KUET, CUET, RUET, and such similar institutes. There are hundreds of private universities available with this subject all across the country.
Personally, I prefer doing BSC after having a diploma engineering degree. It let you become more experienced and help you to complete your BSC easily. Okay, today we are not going to talk about the study process. We are going to talk about job and career opportunity.
Now as a civil engineer, where you can build your career? Let me show you.

Top 7 Places to Build Career as a Civil Engineer

#1 Local Government Engineering Department
Local Government Engineering Department or LGED is the biggest place for civil engineers. It is providing the highest number of vacancy for government job in Bangladesh for civil engineers. After completing Diploma in Civil Engineering, you can join as a Sub Assistant Engineer in any Upazila. To get that job is not that easy. You need to go through a hard examination before getting the job.

#2 Start a Private Job
Private Job could be a blessing and could be really bad for anyone. Some of my friends are working really great in private sectors. They are getting a high salary, because of their good skill. On the other hand, some of them are still fighting and having a really bad time.
Private jobs are really tough and you have to maintain everything properly. Sometimes it goes out of control.
But if you have got really great skills in your department and can complete all of your tasks properly you don’t need to worry. Hard works pay off.

#3 Roads and Highways Department
Roads and highways department need a big number of civil engineers every year and they appoint lots of them. You can build your career there.

#4 Railways
Bangladesh railway is improving and they are also asking for civil engineers every year.

#5 Start Your Own Developing Company
This is the toughest and this is the best.
You can start your own construction company, design house, surveying home or testing lab. There are so many options and services are available that you can choose and want to provide. It totally depends on your skill.
I think you should start an office first and wait for a project. If you find a project, you should hire engineers according to your need and you should also need to play an important role in the whole processes.
If someone can start a business in this field successfully, it won’t take time to become a millionaire.

Good Sides of Civil Engineering in Bangladesh:

1. It is a really good career choice. And of course, engineering is a reputed professional.
2. High chance to get a good job with high salary, if you are skilled enough.
3. You can start your own business if you are creative enough.
4. You will have the opportunity to handle big things like million dollar projects.
5. Bangladesh is a progressing nation and it has been growing day by day. It’s the perfect time for the engineers to build their career because the country is establishing itself.

Bad Sides of Civil Engineering in Bangladesh:

1 It is hard to give your best in this tough competition.
2. A huge number of students are studying and day by day it’s increasing.  

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