Chittagong to Laksham Train Schedule and Ticket Prices 2020

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Laksham is an Upazila of Comilla district. It is known for its railway junction. Today we are going to talk about Chittagong to Laksham Train Schedule and Ticket Prices. Lots of people travel this route every day. There is not a big distance between these two places but still, it is an important route for people. And that’s why we thought to share our thinking on this.

Chittagong to Laksham Train Schedule
Chittagong to Laksham Train Schedule

There are seven trains available mainly to travel on this route. They are:

1. Turna
2. Bijoy Express
3. Mahanagar Express
4. Udayan Express
5. Meghna Express
6. Mahanagar Express
7. Paharika Express

Chittagong to Laksham Train Schedule

If you want to travel Chittagong to Laksham, first of all, you need to know the proper train schedule between these two major railway stations in Chittagong region. We have got a complete chart here for you. We have added all train names, their number, departure time and arrival time with off day for you. I hope you will find all of your needed information from here after checking this chart. If you still need information, then you can comment below.

Train No:
Off Day:
03.52 AM
06.20 AM
Bijoy Express
02.15 AM
04.50 AM
Mahanagar Express
01.46 AM
04.30 AM
Udayan Express
03.14 AM
05.50 AM
Meghna Express
07.05 AM
09.25 AM
Mahanagar Express
11.33 AM
01.50 PM
Paharika Express
05.13 PM
07.45 PM

Train No: 742
Depart from Chittagong: 03.52 AM
Arrive in Laksham: 06.20 AM
Off Day: No
Original Route: Chittagong to Dhaka

Turna Express is mainly a Chittagong to Dhaka train. This train is really amazing and luxurious. There are good seats and people enjoy traveling this train. It departs from Chittagong at 3.52 AM and arrives in Laksham 06.20 AM. It is pretty impossible for someone to grab a train at that time. But still, people are traveling with it. It has no off day.

Bijoy Express
Train No: 786
Depart from Chittagong: 02.15 AM
Arrive in Laksham: 04.50 AM
Off Day: Tues
Original Route: Chittagong to Mymensingh

Bijoy Express is mainly a train for traveling Mymensingh from Chittagong. If you want to go to Laksham, this train could be a good option for you. You can easily get this on 2.15 AM and it arrives in Laksham at 4.50 AM. Tuesday is the off day for this train.

Mahanagar Express
Train No: 722
Depart from Chittagong: 01.46 AM
Arrive in Laksham: 04.30 AM
Off Day: Sun
Original Route: Chittagong to Dhaka

This Dhaka train is a good option for you. It left Chittagong station at 1.46 AM and arrives at Laksham 4.30 AM. This is one of the faster trains in this route. Sunday is the off day for this train.

Udayan Express
Train No: 724
Depart from Chittagong: 03.14 AM
Arrive in Laksham: 05.50 AM
Off Day: Sun
Original Route: Chittagong to Sylhet

I have traveled a couple of time with this train from Sylhet to Chittagong. You can travel your destination properly with this train. It is 724 number trains on the railway and Sunday is the off day for this service.

Meghna Express
Train No: 730
Depart from Chittagong: 07.05 AM
Arrive in Laksham: 09.25 AM
Off Day: No
Original Route: Chittagong to Chandpur

This Chandpur based train is a good option according to timing. You will find this train in the early morning and it takes only two hours to reach the destination. This train has no off day.

Mahanagar Express
Train No: 704
Depart from Chittagong: 11.33 AM
Arrive in Laksham: 01.50 PM
Off Day: No
Original Route: Chittagong to Dhaka

Paharika Express
Train No: 720
Depart from Chittagong: 05.13 PM
Arrive in Laksham: 07.45 PM
Off Day: Saturday
Original Route: Chittagong to Sylhet

As like Udayan, Paharika is a Sylhet to Chittagong train. You can travel with this train also. It has off day on Saturday and this is 720 number train.

Laksham to Chittagong Train Schedule

Is that time to get back to Chittagong city from Laksham? You just need to ride a train which stops in Laksham. It is very simple. In this case, it’s not important to check the schedule. Still, we are providing some train information for you.

Train No:
Mahanagar Express

Paharika Express
09.00 AM
Mahanagar Express

Udayan Express
09.45 PM
Meghna Express
05.15 PM
11.00 PM
Bijoy Express

Chittagong to Laksham Train Ticket Prices

Here is the complete ticket pricing chart for you. There are seven different types of seats in these trains. I hope you will enjoy your journey a lot. We always suggest people travel by train. It is safer and it saves time.

Seat Type:
Ticket Prices:
Shuvon Chair
First Seat
First Birth
Ac Birth

NB: Authority makes little changes on the ticket price often. It is based on the current situation. So maybe you will find a decrease or increase in ticket price sometimes. We are not responsible for that. We are just providing the original price that Bangladesh Railway has provided on their official website. So try to find the original ticket price from the counter.

How to Book Chittagong to Laksham Train Ticket Online or From Counter?

I suggest not booking Chittagong to Laksham Train Ticket Online. It doesn’t require any advance ticket. You will find ticket on the station. It is really easy to travel this route. If you face having ticket, don’t worry just get a standing ticket, it is really easy. But if you still need to know how you can get a ticket online, then here is our guide for you.


If you need any additional information about this route train, please comment below. We will come with proper information. Thanks for your time.

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