How to Get Airtel Emergency Balance? Emergency Internet, Minute Balance Code

Airtel is one of the biggest mobile phone operators in Bangladesh. They are having a few exciting offers and packages for all users. Personally, I am using their internet packages and I think these are really low price and their network is so fast. Today I am going to share how to get Airtel Emergency Balance.
You are looking for information about emergency balance code for Airtel then this guide will help you out.

How to Get Airtel Emergency Balance
How to Get Airtel Emergency Balance

How to Get Airtel Emergency Balance?

First of all, you need to dial *141#.

And then you will have the menu, you can take emergency money or internet both. But they charge a fee for your next recharge. 
Suppose you have taken 12 Taka as emergency balance, you have to pay 14.55 Taka in the next recharge with 2.55 Taka service charges.
You can take up to 100 Taka as emergency balance and every time you have to pay +2.55 BDT as service charge. 
I prefer taking a big amount as emergency balance, because I need to pay the same fee for low amounts.

How to Get Airtel Emergency Internet Balance?

Maybe most of you don’t know that you can take emergency internet balance too in your Airtel SIM. 
They have got a fixed chart that is showing the price for packages that will be charged in your next recharge for the internet.

Here are the prices:
300 MB with 25 Taka for 3 Days
70 MB with 14.44 Taka for 3 Days

How to Get Airtel Emergency Minute?

As like balance and internet data, you can take emergency minutes too. They have got a price list for the minute little packages. These packages are small but really exciting for emergency using.

Packages are below:
35 Minute with 25 Taka for 24 Hours
23 Minutes with 16 Taka for 24 Hours
15 Minute with 11 Taka for 16 Hours

BT Opinion:

Bangladesh Trend always suggests Airtel as a really good SIM and their offers are exciting. This Airtel Emergency Balance service is really convenient and useful for the users. We can take minutes, internet data or balance in our account in the emergency moment that is really crucial for all of the normal users.

Terms and Condition:  These packages follow all terms and conditions by official Airtel information. You just need to follow their terms if you want to learn more.

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