A Street Hawker Paragraph for School Students

A Street Hawker Paragraph
A Street Hawker Paragraph

Paragraph 1:

A Street Hawker

A street hawker is a person who sells various types of products street to street. Most of the cities have a big amount of hawkers. There are hawkers in villages also. But it has little difference between city hawkers and village hawkers.

Most of the village hawkers sell kids and cosmetic products. They carry their goods on hand, sometimes on the head or something carries a bag. Village hawkers are a really interesting character for the kids for their fancy dresses. And the kids buy their all toys from these hawkers. The hawkers come to sell their product in the absence of household. They know so many types of techniques that can attract his customers.
Most of the village hawkers carry toys, cosmetics, sweet, fruits, clothing’s, and beauty products for girls. A street hawker is a hardworking person who earns a small amount of money selling his goods. We should come with good behavior with them. They are the person in their family who maintain and take care of the whole family.
Paragraph 2:

A Street Hawker

A street hawker is a person who sells products street to street. They don’t own any big business, we can mention them as a little business owner. They buy products’ at a cheap price and sell them with a very low profit. In the big cities, we found lots of hawkers in the street often. It’s a very common part of our daily city life. They are selling various types of products. The most common thing in the town hawkers is they use vehicles or sometimes a van for transporting their product one place to another. Most of the hawkers customize their van with their own need, that’s why some look weird, some look fancy and some look colorful. It’s the biggest difference between village and city hawkers.
The hawkers who are selling clothing, they do really good business. Because of there a big number of people out there, who buy clothes from hawkers. The clothes are really cheap and with average quality. Hawkers are really good people who work and make money to maintain their family. We need to respect them as they are amazing people and an important part of a city and village life.

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