Dhaka to Saidpur Train Schedule and Ticket Prices 2020

Saidpur is basically an Upazila City of Nilphamari district in Rangpur Division. This small city has been highly important for the entire division, because of Saidpur Airport. And that’s why there is a good communication with this Upazila from every corner of Bangladesh. Today we are going to talk about Dhaka to Saidpur Train Schedule and Ticket Prices.

Dhaka to Saidpur Train Schedule
Dhaka to Saidpur Train Schedule

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So let’s come into the topic. There is only one intercity train on this route to travel. And none mail trains. This train is Nilsagor Express and it has no off day. If you learn the schedule, then it will be easier for you to catch the train.

Dhaka to Saidpur Train Schedule

As you know there is only one train on this route. Check the schedule below. We have provided the depart time, arrival time and of day information.

Train Name:
Off day:
Nilsagor Express
08.15 AM
04.36 PM

Nilsagor Express
Train No: 765
Depart from Dhaka: 08.15 AM
Arrive in Saidpur: 04.36 PM
Off day: No
Route: Dhaka to Nilphamari

Nilsagor Express is 765 number trains in this route. This train departs from Dhaka at 8.15 AM morning. And it arrives in Saidpur 4.36 PM afternoon. As you know, you have to pick this train, because it’s the only one on the route. Good news is, this train has no off day.

Saidpur to Dhaka Train Schedule

So it is your time to get back Dhaka city from Saidpur. Here is the train schedule for you. 

Train Name
Off day
Nilsagor Express
11.30 PM
07.30 AM

Nilsagor Express
Train No: 766
Depart from Saidpur: 11.30 PM
Arrive in Dhaka: 07.30 AM
Off day: No
Route: Nilphamari to Dhaka

Dhaka to Saidpur Train Schedule
Saidpur Railway Station

Dhaka to Saidpur Train Ticket Price and Total Seats

There is a total of 161 seats in Dhaka to Saidpur train. There are four different types of seats. I have provided information about these seats in the chart below.

Seat Type
Shovon Chair
Ac Chair
Ac Birth
Non Ac Birth

Now let’s check the ticket prices for Dhaka to Saidpur Train route.

Seat Type
Ticket Price
Shovon Chair
500 Taka
960 Taka
AC Birth
1100 Taka

NB: Authority makes little changes on the ticket price often. It is based on the current situation. So maybe you will find a decrease or increase in ticket price sometimes. We are not responsible for that. We are just providing the original price that Bangladesh Railway has provided on their official website. So try to find the original ticket price from the counter.

How to Book Dhaka to Saidpur Train Ticket Online?

Now the railway ministry is selling every train ticket online. You can purchase your ticket too from there. We have published a guide before on how to book Dhaka to Saidpur train ticket. Here is the guide for you; I hope you will find it easy. The easiest way to collect ticket is from the counter. I suggest getting an advance ticket from the counter.

Why Should You Travel Saidpur by Train?

As you know, you can travel Saidpur from Dhaka by bus, air, and train. Then why we are promoting a train journey for this route? I believe that the train journey is way safer than the bus journey. And it saves time and money. When I traveled Saidpur for the first time from Dhaka, I enjoyed the entire journey a lot. There were not so many people on the train and I got the ticket easily from the counter. But getting a ticket won’t be easy every time. I have faced huge problem on my next trip. And that’s why I suggest everyone get your advance ticket from the counter.


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