23 Most Profitable Business in Bangladesh 2019

Bangladesh has a huge opportunity for potential business planners. If you want to start a business this year and not finding a good idea then this post is for you. We are going to share the top 23 most profitable businesses in Bangladesh.
I hope you will love these business ideas. If you can start any of them and can stick with this, it could be very profitable for you. Let’s dive into the idealist.

Most Profitable Business in Bangladesh
Most Profitable Business in Bangladesh 

Top 23 Most Profitable Businesses in Bangladesh

1. Electronics Repair Shop

Most Profitable Business in Bangladesh
Electronic Repair Shop

There is no doubt that electronic is the most trending product category in the world. Everyone is using lots of electronic products. They need to fix them often and here is a business opportunity. You can start a business on it in your area. That could be TV repair, Fridge repair, Microwave repair, Computer repair, etc.
This is a profitable business because you don’t need so many budgets to spend on this business. You can start in anywhere.

2. Fast Food Shop

Most Profitable Business in Bangladesh
Fast Food Shop

Food shop ideas are very common and there are lots of shops already in your area. But might be if you go for fast food business idea then you will have less competition. For a fast-food shop, the most important thing is the location. You need to target a specific customer audience for your shop. Even you can start a private shop, which is limited for couples only. These types of shops are really doing well in the cities.

3. Start Your Own Restaurant

Most Profitable Business in Bangladesh

This could take a big budget but it’s a bright idea. I have never seen someone who had given effort and did loss in the restaurant business. When you can make food your own, then this is the most profitable business for you in Bangladesh. Some of the restaurants are making a huge amount every day.
If you have a budget problem, you can start small.

4. Become an Event Organizer

Most Profitable Business in Bangladesh
Event Organizer

This is not a common business in Bangladesh. Wedding planners are a part of event management. You can arrange seminars; do the whole designing thing for a conference. You can organize a concert. There are lots of scope and opportunities in this business. You are able to make a good amount of money. But this business is mainly based on cities. You can’t do well in the countryside as an event management business owner.

5. Open a Toy Shop

Most Profitable Business in Bangladesh
Toy Shop

Opening a toy shop is an absolute good idea in a place where lots of people are living. You need to keep all budget toys what people can afford for their kids. It doesn’t require a very big amount to start a toy business.

6. Coffee Shop Business

Most Profitable Business in Bangladesh
Coffee Shop Business

Very common and huge business opportunity in this topic. If you find a place where lots of people pass by but don’t have a coffee shop, you can start one there. It’s very profitable if you can sell more. The more you sell, the more your profit scale will be. In this case, you just need to focus on finding a place where you can get lots of sells.
This business doesn’t require any big amount to start.

7. Salon or Barber Business

Salon business is a really popular business in Bangladesh. You can start a salon in your own location. If you even don’t have any skill in this, you can hire some professional barber for your salon. It’s a profitable business in Bangladesh.

8. Cosmetics Shop

Cosmetics are really appealing and most of the girls often buy these products from several shops. You can start a shop at any time. A good location is really important for a cosmetics shop.

9. Girls Parlor

Most Profitable Business in Bangladesh
Girls Parlor

This is one of the best business ideas for girls. But before starting a parlor, the most important thing that you need to have is ‘skill’. Without proper skill in this profession, you can’t grow a business on it. It doesn’t require a big amount to start. If you can find a good location with a better interior design, you can do it easily.

10. Ice Cream Shop

Most Profitable Business in Bangladesh
Ice Cream Shop

In the summer season, this is the perfect business idea for you. A tiny ice cream shop doesn’t need a huge space or a big amount to invest.
You can do this business with a really low budget.
Before starting an ice cream shop, you need to remember that it’s a seasonal business.

11. Tailoring Shop

Most Profitable Business in Bangladesh
Tailoring Shop

That’s a bright idea for the less educated women in Bangladesh. There are already a huge amount of girls, who have made their fate bright with this profession. Even you can start a tailoring shop in your house. You just need a sewing machine and some skill, that’s all.

12. Laundry Service

Most of the small cities have to lack good quality laundry or dry cleaning service. It has a huge scope to build a business.

13. Mobile Accessories Shop

Mobile phones are a very common electronic product. It has so many accessories, as like charger, headphones, cover, display, etc. You can start selling this mobile accessories shop.

14. Security Agency

This could be hard, but if you can do proper and legal permissions then security agency company could be really big money making option for you.

15. Become a Dealer for any Reputed Company

There are lots of big companies are appointing dealers for their company. You can get a dealership. Before getting a dealership, you need to be assuring about reputation and their brand value. If you can get a good brand, you will get lots of sale because of their brand recognition.

16. Start an Ecommerce

Most Profitable Business in Bangladesh
Start an Ecmmerce

Ecommerce businesses are growing in Bangladesh. If you can choose some good and trending products then you can start an eCommerce business and you will get a good sell of course.

17. Make a Blog and Earn from Google AdSense

Most Profitable Business in Bangladesh
Start a Blog

Making a blog is really profitable. If you are highly interested to write blog content then you can easily create a blog and monetize that with Google AdSense.
Here is a ‘Blog Building Package’ for you. You can get you blog easily from here and start making money from this.

18. Start Your Own Web Design Company

If you are skilled enough and can develop any types of website, you can set up a web design company easily. Just hire a few skilled people to developer websites and few for doing marketing and find customers.

19. Tea Production Company

Bangladesh is one of the biggest tea exporters in the world. If you can collect the tea leaf and do tea production, you can make a huge profit in this business.

20. Start a T-Shirt Selling Business

Most Profitable Business in Bangladesh
Start a T-Shirt Business

As like another fashion house, you can start a shop only specific for gents T-Shirts. Most of the people of Bangladesh feel better at wearing T-Shirts and that’s where the business is really high in this product. You can start in anywhere. I have seen some shops who are selling over 50,000 BDT on a day in Dhaka. That’s insane. You need a proper place to start with a handsome amount of budget. The budget is mainly required for interior design.

21. Vegetable Farming Business

Most Profitable Business in Bangladesh
Vegetable Farming

If you are living in a village and you have enough land to cultivate vegetables, then you can start this business professionally. You don’t need to know to farm. You will find lots of people in the village, which can do these. You can invest some money and hire one of them. It’s a really easy business to start if you can. Then you can send the vegetables in big cities like Sylhet, Dhaka or Chittagong.

22. Fish Farming Business

Most Profitable Business in Bangladesh
Fish Farming

Fish farming is a common business in Bangladesh, as you know Bangladesh is a suitable place to do fish business. If you are living in a place where there are enough ponds, you can start a business on this.

23. Spoken English Tuition

If you think you are good enough in English, then you can start a tuition class. There are a huge amount of Bangladeshi people who are interested to learn English. But they don’t have proper guides. You can be one and even you can start a business on this.

Some FAQ on Most Profitable Business in Bangladesh

Q: What are the best profitable businesses?

A: We have mentioned so many profitable businesses in this article. Keep your eye on them and I hope you will be succeeding if you keep yourself stick with a specific business. Starting a restaurant in the city area could be the most profitable business in Bangladesh.

Q: How can I start a business in Bangladesh?

A: You need a budget and proper knowledge of what you are going to start. It’s not that hard and it’s not rocket science. If you know nothing about your targeted business, you can do a study on the internet. You can work in a similar business to learn more and understand the processes.

Q: How can I create a partnership business in Bangladesh?

A: Partnership businesses are really popular in Bangladesh. Lots of people are doing these types of business. It’s all about collecting a big amount of budget. Then start something big. You can do it too. You need some friends who are interested to invest in a business that you want. Not only invest, everyone has to work together too.

Q: How can I create an Ltd company in Bangladesh?

A: Yes, you can create an Ltd Company in Bangladesh very easily. There are some specific rules that you need to go through.

Q: How do I become an entrepreneur with no money?

A: There are lots of entrepreneurs who started their journey from zero. Even you can start your journey from zero. I suggest you get a job and learn first.