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Khaleda Zia is the first-ever women Prime Minister of Bangladesh. She is the most successful political leader in the country. She is the chief of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP). BNP is one of the most successful political team in the country. They have won the general election and made the government several times. Today we will focus on Khaleda Zia’s family, career, politics and other things. I hope you will be glad to know about his iron lady of Bangladesh.

Khaleda Zia Bio
Khaleda Zia Bio

 She is the wife of Ex-President Ziaur Rahman. Ziaur Rahman was the founder of political party BNP. Then they became so popular in the country. They gathered huge support. They have two kids together named Tarique and Arafat. Arafat has died a couple of years ago. Tarique is the head of BNP now and living in London. Because of a few political issues, he can’t come to Bangladesh.
Khaleda was born on 15 August 1945 in Jalpaiguri. Her father Iskandar Majumdar was a popular businessman. After the partition, they came back to Bangladesh and settled with their tea business. She got married to Captain Ziaur Rahman in 1960 on her 15 years old. She was one of the most beautiful girls of her time. Khaleda Zia was really popular because of her beauty.

Khaleda Zia Bio
Khaleda Zia with Ziaur Rahman

In the liberation war of 1971, Ziaur Rahman had a huge contribution and on that time Khaleda Zia has gone through a huge mental and physical pressure. They faced a huge bad time. After the war, everything became fine.
She is one of the female leaders who led Bangladesh in the right way and did her best for the nation. She has a huge contribution to the country and the people of Bangladesh will never forget her contribution. People love her very much and that has been proved on the recent election. Her party BNP is having a really bad time without proper leading.

Khaleda Zia Bio
Khaleda Zia File Photo

Some Unknown Facts about Khaleda Zia

☑️ Khaleda Zia is the first female prime minister of Bangladesh.

☑️ Tarique Rahman and Arafat Rahman Koko are her two sons. Arafath Rahman has died on January 24, 2015, due to a cardiac arrest at Malaysia National University Hospital.

☑️ She was born in Jalpaiguri, British India.

Khaleda Zia Bio
Khaleda Zia with Ziaur Rahman

☑️ In 1960, she got married to Army Officer Ziaur Rahman.

☑️ Her husband was the 7th president of Bangladesh.

☑️ She has served as prime minister of Bangladesh for three times.

Khaleda Zia Bio
Khaleda Zia with Sheikh Hasina

☑️ Due to the Zia Orphanage Trust case, she is imprisoned now.

☑️ Her husband Ziaur Rahman was an unsung hero for liberal war of Bangladesh 1971.

Khaleda Zia Bio
Khaleda Zia with Sheikh Hasina

Some FAQ on Khaleda Zia

Q: Who is the father of Khaleda Zia?

A: Iskandar Majumder

Q: When was Khaleda Zia born?

A: 15 August 1945

Q: Where was Khaleda Zia born?

A: Jalpaiguri, British India.

Q: Who is the husband of Khaleda Zia?

A: Ziaur Rahman

Q: Who is the son of Khaleda Zia?

A: Tarique Rahman and Arafath Rahman.

Q: How old is Khaleda Zia?

A: 73 years old.

Q: What is Khaleda Zia's real name?

A: Khaleda Khanam Putul.

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