Jaflong Travel | Hotels, Resorts, Things to See (Complete Guide)

Jaflong is an amazing travel destination in Bangladesh, in Sylhet. There are lots of beautiful spots in Sylhet and Jaflong is one of them. I always loved visiting this beautiful destination. Today we will take a look at everything that we can do in Jaflong. I will share the road on how to visit Jaflong from Dhaka.

Jaflong Travel
Jaflong Travel 

Dhaka to Jaflong Bus and Train Schedule, Ticket Price

If you want to travel Jaflong from Dhaka, you need to take Bus or Train in Dhaka to Sylhet route. It takes almost 6 hours to go Sylhet from Dhaka by bus. And then, it's another 1-hour bus journey from the Sylhet city.
Some Dhaka to Sylhet Bus List and Their Ticket Price:

Shyamoli Paribahan
Non AC: 470 Taka

Ena Bus Service
Non AC: 470
AC: 1200

London Express
AC: 1100

What to See, What to Do and Where to Go in Jaflong

#1 Journey by Boat in River

Jaflong Travel
River in Jaflong | Photo: Lonely Planet

The river in Jaflong is really amazing. The water is too much clean and you can see the rocks under the water. I visited there, in December and there was enough water and we had a small boat journey. We did bath in the water, it was so much cold and make me feel refresh. A huge number of boys and girls were bathing there and it is a really good scene to see in Sylhet area.
We can see the Indian people are doing their work, some of them bathing and doing so many types of work in their area. There is a hanging bridge in Indian Territory that looks really amazing.

#2 Watch Few Waterfalls

Jaflong Travel
Songrampunji Waterfall
There are few waterfalls in Jaflong. You will find these waterfalls full of water I the rainy season only. I saw a few waterfalls from really far and it was looking like a dream scene. Then we arrived there and have a lot of fun. Waterfalls are not really big there, but they are really beautiful.

#3 Camp in Riverbank

Jaflong Travel
Camping in Dawki | Photo: HelloTravel

It is not very common in Jaflong. But we think, it’s possible to do camping on the riverbank. We didn’t do any attempt, hope next time we will do that. Camping is being popular in Bangladesh day by day and that could be a great spot for the camping lovers.

#4 Local Markets

Jaflong Travel
A Shop in the Local Market

Local markets are really amazing. You will find lots of handmade things. I love this stuff a lot. Whenever I visit Jaflong, I used to buy lots of local stuff.

#5 Visit Khasia Tribe
There are a huge number of people from the Khasia tribe in Jaflong. Most of them are having good business and some of them are a landlord. They have beautiful villages. If you want, you can visit their places. Their home construction is totally different than other homes in Bangladesh. It looks really beautiful. These people are not that much friendly and sometimes they have clashed with Bengali people there.

#6 Steps into India
It was possible to steps into India a few years back. But there is no chance now to do that. When we arrived there in 2012 for the first time, the BSF had a little chat with us and we had so much fun. The entire tour was really appreciating. But now, they have built the border fence so wide and that’s why anyone can’t enter the Indian part.

#7 Local Villages
There are so many local villages to visit in Jaflong. They are really beautiful. These villages have a landmark of old Bengal and they are naturally rich.

Where to Stay in Jaflong

A few years back, these were no proper places to stay in Jaflong. Most of the people used to stay in Sylhet city and visit Jaflong. But now the situation has changed. You can stay in Jaflong, there are lots of hotels and resorts. We are going to share all the information about them.

Top Hotels in Jaflong

#1 Jafflong Inn

Jaflong Travel
Jaflong Inn Reception

Jaflong Travel
Inside a Hotel Room

Address: Mamar Bazar, GoyainGhat, Sylhet 3151
Phone: 01765-686363

Bangladesh Trend Rating:
☑️ Room Quality: 6.4
☑️ Transportation: 8
☑️ Food Quality: 6.7
☑️ Staff: 7
☑️ Service: 5
☑️ Money Value: 6

#2 Lalakhal Nature Park - Wilderness

Jaflong Travel
Lalakhal Nature Park

Address: Lala Khal Road, Lala Khal
Phone: 01841-001201

Bangladesh Trend Rating:
☑️ Room Quality: 7
☑️ Transportation: 8
☑️ Food Quality: 8.5
☑️ Staff: 5
☑️ Service: 5.6
☑️ Money Value: 6.9

#3 Hotel Garden

Jaflong Travel
Hotel Garden

Address: Jaflong - Tamabil Rd, Jaflong
Phone: 01819-085629

Bangladesh Trend Rating:
☑️ Room Quality: 5.5
☑️ Transportation: 7.5
☑️ Food Quality: 7.6
☑️ Staff: 6.5
☑️ Service: 6
☑️ Money Value: 7

#4 Hotel Paris

Jaflong Travel
Hotel Paris

Address: Jaflong - Tamabil Rd
Phone: 01711-345092

Bangladesh Trend Rating:
☑️ Room Quality: 6.5
☑️ Transportation: 6
☑️ Food Quality: 6
☑️ Staff: 5.5
☑️ Service: 7
☑️ Money Value: 7

#5 Hotel Parjatan
Address: Jaflong
Phone: 01716-765773

Bangladesh Trend Rating:
☑️ Room Quality: 5
☑️ Transportation: 7.5
☑️ Food Quality: 6.7
☑️ Staff: 5.6
☑️ Service: 5.6
☑️ Money Value: 6.6

#6 Hotel Shah Amin
Address: Balla Ghaut Rd, Jaflong
Phone: 01795-935679

Bangladesh Trend Rating:
☑️ Room Quality: 5.2
☑️ Transportation: 5.6
☑️ Food Quality: 7.1
☑️ Staff: 5.6
☑️ Service: 5
☑️ Money Value: 7

Top Resorts in Jaflong

#1 Jainta Hill's Resort
Address: Alu bagan, Jaintapur, Jaflong Road, Sylhet 3156
Phone: 01711-739183

Bangladesh Trend Rating:
☑️ Room Feature: 5.6
☑️ Food: 8
☑️ Cleanliness: 6
☑️ Location: 7
☑️ Staff: 6
☑️ Price Value: 6
☑️ Free Wifi: 5
☑️ Facilities: 6

#2 Nazimgarh Wilderness Resorts
Address: Lala Khal Road, Lala Khal
Phone: 01841-001200

Bangladesh Trend Rating:
☑️ Room Feature: 5.5
☑️ Food: 5.7
☑️ Cleanliness: 4.7
☑️ Location: 6
☑️ Staff: 6
☑️ Price Value: 7
☑️ Free Wifi: 4
☑️ Facilities: 6

#3 Sonatila Forest Resort, Jaflong
Address: Jaflong - Tamabil Rd, Sylhet Division 793109, India
Phone: 01742-449090

Bangladesh Trend Rating:
☑️ Room Feature: 6.4
☑️ Food: 6
☑️ Cleanliness: 4
☑️ Location: 7.7
☑️ Staff: 6
☑️ Price Value: 6.5
☑️ Free Wifi: 3
☑️ Facilities: 5.3


If you need any other information about Jaflong, you can comment below. We will help you with the proper information. It’s the best guide for everyone to explore Jaflong, Sylhet.

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