Chittagong to Sylhet Train Schedule and Ticket Prices 2020

Both Sylhet and Chittagong are the most beautiful two cities in the country. The communication between these long-distance cities is really good through the train. And if you want to travel from Chittagong to Sylhet or Sylhet to Chittagong then this guide is for you. We will tell you all Chittagong to Sylhet Train Schedule, Time, Ticket Prices and other detailed information.

Chittagong to Sylhet Train Schedule
Chittagong to Sylhet Train Schedule

The bus communication between two major cities is pretty good. There are lots of luxurious buses in this route, but there is a huge long broken and tiny road in Brahmanbaria to Cumilla. This road is being worst day by day. That’s why we always prefer and suggest people travel this route by train.
The train journey is comfortable, safe and really fast. There is no traffic jam problem or something like that. You will be able to reach your destination at the perfect time.
There are mainly three intercity trains that are operating their services. Let’s see the list of trains.

1. Jalalabad Express

2. Paharika Express

3. Udayan Express

Chittagong to Sylhet Train Schedule

Chittagong to Sylhet Train Schedule
Sylhet Railway Station

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Take a look at the schedule chart part. Here we have provided all information on arriving and departing time of every train in this route.

Jalalabad Express
07.30 PM
11.00 AM
Paharika Express
09.00 AM
05.50 PM
Udayan Express
09.45 PM
06.20 AM

Jalalabad Express
Train No: 13
Off day: No
Depart from Chittagong: 07.30 PM
Arrive in Sylhet: 11.00 AM

Jalalabad Express is 13 number trains of Bangladesh railways. It’s an express train and it has no off day. It departs from Chittagong at 7.30 PM and arrives in Sylhet at 11.00 AM. It takes such a long time and that’s why we prefer Paharika most of the time to travel on this route.

Paharika Express
Train No: 719
Off day: Monday
Depart from Chittagong: 09.00 AM
Arrive in Sylhet: 05.50 PM

Paharika Express is the best train to go Sylhet from Chittagong. This train departs from Chittagong station at 9.00 AM and arrives in Sylhet at 5.50 PM after 9 hours of journey. Distance between these two different divisional cities is really so much. Most of the time it takes 8-9 hours to travel by train. This train has off day on Monday and train number is 719.

Udayan Express
Train No: 723
Off day: Saturday
Depart from Chittagong: 09.45 PM
Arrive in Sylhet: 06.20 AM

Udayan is pretty much like Paharika. Their service and other facilities are almost the same. It has off day on Saturday and the train number is 723. It departs from Chittagong at 09.45 PM and arrived in Sylhet at 6.20 AM. The journey with Udayan is really enjoyable.

Sylhet to Chittagong Train Schedule

Chittagong to Sylhet Train Schedule
Chittagong Railway Station

If you want coming back to Chittagong from Sylhet, then you need to know the returning schedule. The trains are the same. Here is the schedule for you.

Jalalabad Express
10.50 PM
01.30 PM
Paharika Express
10.15 AM
07.45 PM
Udayan Express
09.20 PM
05.50 AM

Jalalabad Express
Train No: 14
Off day: No
Depart from Sylhet: 10.50 PM
Arrive in Chittagong: 01.30 PM

Paharika Express
Train No: 720
Off day: Saturday
Depart from Sylhet: 10.15 AM
Arrive in Chittagong: 07.45 PM

Udayan Express
Train No: 724
Off day: Sunday
Depart from Sylhet: 09.20 PM
Arrive in Chittagong: 05.50 AM

Chittagong to Sylhet Train Ticket Price

There is various prices ticket on this route. We are providing the ticket price chart with you. I hope that will be helpful for you.

Seat Type:
Ticket Price:
AC Berth
1190 tk
AC Seat
790 tk
1st Class Berth
700 tk
660 tk
1st Class Seat
460 tk
Shovon Chair
345 tk
300 tk
175 tk

NB: Sometime the ticket price could be different from this chart. In several situations, the authority makes little changes in prices. I hope you will understand that.

How to Book Chittagong to Sylhet Train Ticket?

Now you can book a Chittagong to Sylhet Train Ticket really simply from eSheba portal. They are selling advance train tickets. We have provided a full guide on how to buy a ticket from there. Follow that guide to learn more about this.

Why Should You Visit Sylhet?

There are so many beautiful and natural spots to enjoy in Sylhet. We have already published a detailed ‘Sreemangal Travel Guide’; you will find that interesting. Lots of tourist visit this awesome district every year.
Here are some interesting spots to see in Sylhet.

1. Hazrat Shahjalal Mazar Sharif

2. Ratargul Swamp Forest

3. Lawachara National Park

4. Madhabkunda waterfall

5. Tanguar Haor Tour

7. Rema-Kalenga Wildlife Sanctuary

8. Jaflong

9. Keane Bridge

10. Bongobir Osmani Shishu Uddan

11. Baikka Beel

12. Osmani Museum

13. Lakkatura Tea Garden

14. Adventure World

15. Wildlife Conservation Center

16. Sylhet Shahi Eidgah

17. Monipuri Rajbari

18. The King Gour Govinda Tila

19. Tilagor Eco Park

Why Should You Visit Chittagong?

As like Sylhet, Chittagong is also a really popular tourist city. Lots of people visit this place every months and year. Here we have provided a complete guide for traveling Chittagong.


I hope this information will be helpful to you. If you need to know anything else, please comment below. We will try our best to inform you of our information.