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Salman Shah is one of the most popular actors in Bangladesh. He won everyone heart by his natural acting talent. This talented boy belonged from Sylhet, Bangladesh. The most interesting part of his life is his death. That was an unsolved mystery of his life. There is still a police case continuing. Let’s know something more about his life. We will follow up in his career, birthday, family life and movies here.

Salman Shah Biography
Salman Shah Biography

Shahriar Chowdhury Emon

Salman Shah


Actor, Playback Singer


6 September 1971
Died: 19 Sept. 1996
Birth Place:

Sylhet, Bangladesh


Sylhet, Bangladesh


Adamjee Cantonment College

Father Name:
Kamaruddin Chowdhuri
Mother Name:
Nila Chowdhury
Married (1991-1996)
Samira Huq

None in the industry

Net worth:


Zodiac sign:


5 feet 8 inches
60 Kgs
Hair Color:
Body Measurement:

Chest: 36 inches
Waist: 34 inches
Biceps: N/A

Singing, Playing Flute
Fav. Actor:
Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan
Fav. Actress:


Facebook Page:


Salman was born in Sylhet, Bangladesh on 19 September 1971 as the name Shahriar Chowdhury Emon. He was from a reputed family. Most of the time he spent on Dhaka for his study purpose.


Salman Shah Biography
Salman Shah Beautiful Photo

He got his first film career breakthrough with the movie "Keyamat Theke Keyamat". That was a film by Sohanor Rahman Sohan and it was a Bollywood remake. But overall, Salman became able to win hearts of million Bengalis. In was the year 1993, and then he worked for only four years and worked on 27 awesome movies. All these were loved by the people.

Salman Shah Biography
Salman with Shahrukh Khan

Especially he had an awesome partnership with Shabnur. They both worked on 11 films together. Some of their movies are still continuing as legendary in the industry.

Salman Shah Biography
Salman with Moushumi

Death and Family:

Salman Shah Biography
Salman Shah with His Wife Samira

Salman died on 6 September 1996 in his house and he was hanged on his fan. People and everyone was confused about what was a suicide or a murder. The whole family and friends were saying that they didn’t see anything in Salman that could he commit suicide.
Most of the people accuse his wife Sameera for his death. This is still a mystery.

Salman Shah Biography
Salman Shah File Photo

Salman Shah Top Movies:

#1 Keyamat Theke Keyamat
Role: Raj
Director: Sohanor Rahman Sohan
Actress: Moushumi
Release: 1993

#2 Ontare Ontare
Role: Shan
Director: Shibli Sadik
Actress: Moushumi
Release: 1994

#3 Sujan Sakhi
Role: Shujon
Director: Shah Alam Kiran
Actress: Shabnur
Release: 1994

#4 Anjuman
Role: Salman
Director: Hafiz Uddin
Actress: Shabnaz
Release: 1995

#5 Shopner Thikana
Role: Shumon
Director: M A Khalek
Actress: Shabnur
Release: 1995

Some Less Known Facts About Salman Shah:

Salman Shah Biography
Salman with Shabnur

☑️ His full name is Shahriar Chowdhury Emon. Salman Shah is a stage name given by the director Sohan. Then he became popular with that name.

☑️ Salman Shah was from the beautiful part of Bangladesh, Sylhet.

☑️ He started his career with a TV drama in BTV.

☑️ His death is still a mystery to the world. Most of the people and his relatives accuse his wife for the entire thing.

☑️ He dies on 6 September 1996.

☑️ This talented actor died only 25 years old age.

☑️ He is lying on Sylhet near Shahjalal Dargah.

☑️ He was an amazing playback singer too.

☑️ His debut film was Keyamot Theke Keyamot by Sohanor Rahman Sohan and Moushumi was his co-star in the cinema. It was the official remake of Hindi Aamir Khan’s movie Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak. Salman Shah was the perfect choice for the character and he received lots of praise and awards for the debut film.

☑️ There were lots of rumors about Shabnur and Salman relation. Lots of media journalist wrote about it and they were trying to prove that they were in a relationship. And fans think that his wife Sameera has killed him just because of his good chemistry with Shabnur.
Shabnur always admit Salman as one of the best friend and she has pay tribute to Salman always still now.

☑️ His death was a suicide or a murder, it is still confusion. He was one the top of popularity on that time. He had a really amazing fashion sense and people loved his style.

☑️ It is said in Bangladesh that Salman has started following option before a decade of the Facebook invention.

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