7 Best Business Ideas in Bangladesh with Small Investment

In Bangladesh, there is a very big number of people are jobless. And this number is increasing highly every year. It is going to be one of the biggest threats to the country. Today we are going to talk about a few small business ideas that you can start with a really small investment. Even most of these ideas are for the educated peoples.

Business Ideas in Bangladesh with Small Investment
Business Ideas in Bangladesh with Small Investment

We know that the ration of unemployment in Bangladesh is saying, educated people are more jobless here. Uneducated people have enough works and they are leading their life with trouble, but they have something to do. In this case educated young boys are being hopeless and it’s even leading them into suicide.
But if you are enough visionary and want to do something your own, then I suggest you need to setup your own business that can take you in a good position within a couple of years.
So let’s check the top 10 best business ideas in Bangladesh wish a small investment for anyone.

Coffee Shop

Business Ideas in Bangladesh with Small Investment
Start a Coffee Shop

The coffee shop is being a very common business all across the world. So someone will ask if it’s so common then why should I do it? Because you will start a coffee shop where is not enough shop near you.
There are lots of companies in Bangladesh, who are supplying the coffee maker machine. They can assist you in setting up your business. A coffee shop doesn’t need a big investment. You need to buy a coffee maker, need to buy little plastic furniture and arrange your shop properly. In that case, you don’t need to hire an interior designer. You will find lots of shop design ideas online and you can follow anyone from there. It will save lots of money.
In the cities, you can even start a ‘Mobile Coffee Shop’. That is a suitable idea for the city like Dhaka, Sylhet or Chittagong.

Small Restaurant

Yeah, we all know it’s a very common business. But I said before there is always opportunity if you can start properly and if you make a good plan. First of all, you need to choose a place where a restaurant is really essential. Think about the customers first. Ask yourself, if there are enough potential customers who will visit your restaurant. If you think, you have got an idea, place and enough investment to start, and then I suggest you do a small course on hotel management. It will let you learn to cook a few important and common restaurant items.
Otherwise, you have to pay big money for the chef. In a restaurant, food quality is the main concern. If you provide good quality food at a reasonable price, you won’t need to look back. People will come back again and again. But you need to reach on that situation using your skill.
That’s why I suggest learning cooking before starting a restaurant.  
Proper planning, budget planning, interior design is also required.

Fashion House

Business Ideas in Bangladesh with Small Investment
Fashion House

A country like Bangladesh is being really fashion aware day by day. Girls and boys are being really conscious about their look, dresses, and styles. That could be a really great business niche for you. You just need to get connected with a garment or clothing seller who can provide your latest design clothes at a reasonable price.
If you can understand the trend can bring the right product at the right time, you can make a really good profit. Before starting a fashion house, you need to know some really important thing. First one is interior design is everything in a fashion shop. You need to attract your customers with your beautiful look and design.
You should behave with your customers very well with a smile. If you can do that, they will come back again and again. And that’s the success in a business module.
You don’t need to spend a really big amount for setting up a fashion house business. You can start very small.

Girls Parlor

There is parlor everywhere in cities and that let us understand the demand of beautification in Bangladesh. This is one of the biggest business platforms for girls. You can learn how to do bridal makeup from YouTube and there are lots of short courses available. You can get yourself admitted there and learn complete makeup and other styling solution.
Hairstyle and makeup is the most demanding thing on a parlor. If you are from outside of Dhaka then you can start a parlor from zero. You just need to rent a room and arrange this properly. You can do these watching YouTube videos.
The accessories that you need to buy for parlor is not so much expensive. You can buy them within your little budget.

Cosmetics Shop

This is another girl item business. Do you know you can run this business along with your parlor? You just need to place this jewelry and ornaments on a certain side of the room and your parlor customers will see these and they will want to buy these of course.
And if you want to start a dedicated cosmetics shop, you can do this also within a little investment.

Buy and Sell Used Products

A lot of people are buying old items and selling them after doing little repairing. That’s a huge business option for us. You can choose a specific product category. Suppose you have a very tiny amount to invest, you can buy few second-hand mobiles and sell them through Bikroy.Com or site something like this.
But if you can do some repairing before buying, you will get a better price of course. I suggest doing these types of business for really high price products. That has a chance for high profit, but high risk too.

Furniture Shop

Business Ideas in Bangladesh with Small Investment
Furniture Shop

A furniture shop is a good business option to start in Bangladesh. But you need to learn something about wood and how the whole process works before getting into the business. There are lots of ways you can buy wood for a cheap price, you need to learn these and invest your time and effort there.


There are many more business ideas are available in Bangladesh. You just need to make one real for you. It will let you become a self-made entrepreneur. If you have any asking or information to know, ask us in the comment section. We will try our best to let you know.