AK Travels All Counters, Ticket Prices and Contacts

AK Travels is one of the finest bus services in Bangladesh for Dhaka to Khulna and Dhaka to Sathkira route. Today we are going to share every information about this bus service. If you are looking for similar information, I hope that will help you a lot.

AK Travels
AK Travels 

AK Travels All Counters and Contact Numbers

Dhaka Counters: AK Travels

Gabtali 3 No. Counter
Phone Number: 01709-964206

Kalyanpur Counter
Phone Number: 01709-964207

Shyamoli No 1 Counter
Phone Number: 01709-964208

Gabtali 1 No Counter
Phone Number: 01709-964204

Gabtali 2 No. Counter
Phone Number: 01709-964205

Shyamoli 2 no. counters
Phone Number: 01709-964209

Lake Circus, Kalabagan, 1205
Phone Number: 01709-964211

Panthapath counters
Phone Number: 01709-964210

Nabinagar counters
Phone Number: 01709-964269

Abdullahpur counters
Phone Number: 01709-964214

Savar counters
Phone Number: 01709-964270

Malibag counters
Phone Number: 01709-964213

Motijheel counters
Phone Number: 01709-964212

AK Travels
AK Travels 

Jessore Counters

Phone Number: 01193 099133

Phone Number: 01190 756667

New Market:     
Phone Number: 01190-756670

Phone Number: 01195-526578

Phone Number: 01191-620637

Phone Number: 01190 756668

Phone Number: 01190 756669

Phone Number: 01191-620636

Phone Number: 01191-620634

Phone Number: 01195-526577

Phone Number: 01191-620635

Phone Number: 01190-735772

Khulna Counters of AK Travels

Notun Rasta Mor Counter
Phone Number: 01709-964158

Royal Mor No. 1 Counter
Phone Number: 01709-964197

Royal Mor No. 2 Counter
Phone Number: 01709-964198

Shibbari Mor Counter
Phone Number: 01709-964199

Phultala Counter, Khulna
Phone Number: 01709-964162

Sonadanga Bus Terminal Counter
Phone Number: 01709-964200

Boyra Bazar Counter
Phone Number: 01709-964159

Daulatpur Counter, Khulna
Phone Number: 01709-964160

Phulbari bus station counters
Phone Number: 01709-964161

Sathkira Counters of AK Travels

Satkhira 1 No. Counter
Phone Number: 01709-964190

Kaliganj Counter
Phone Number: 01709-964143

Shyamnagar Bus Stand Counter
Phone Number: 01709-964192

Navaran Bazar Bus Stop Counter
Phone Number: 01709-964149

Jhikargacha Bus Stand Counter
Phone Number: 01709-964150

Nalta Counter
Phone Number: 01709-964144

Keshabpur Counter
Phone Number: 01709-964153

Phone Number: 01709-964147

Parulia Bus Stand Counter, Debhata
Phone Number: 01709-964145

Kalaroa Bus Station
Phone Number: 01709-964146

Chuknagar Counter
Phone Number: 01709-964152

Jamtala Counter
Phone Number: 01709-964148

Chinitola Counter
Phone Number: 01709-964154

Patkal Ghata Counter
Phone Number: 01709-964151

Manirampur Counter
Phone Number: 01709-964155

Narail Counters

Narail Bus Station Counter
Phone Number: 01709-964202

Lakshipasha Counter
Phone Number: 01709-964172

Rupganj Counter
Phone Number: 01709-964171

Kalia Counter
Phone Number: 01709-964173

Paikgacha Counters

Paikgacha Counter
Phone Number: 01709-964201

Tala Counter
Phone Number: 01709-964156

Kapilmani Counter
Phone Number: 01709-964157

Chattagram Counters

AK Khan Counter
Phone Number: 01709-964216

Cantonment Super Market, Baizid Bostami, 4210
Phone Number: 01711-735349

Gorib Ullah Shah Mazar Counter, Dampara
Phone Number: 01709-964217

AK Travels
AK Travels 

AK Travels Ticket Prices

There are so many routes that you can travel with this bus service. We providing all the top routes from Dhaka and their ticket price.

Dhaka to Khulana Route
AC Fare: 550 Taka
Non-AC Fare: 1000 Taka

Dhaka to Sathkira Route
AC Fare: 550 Taka
Non-AC Fare: 1000 Taka

Dhaka to Jessore Route
AC Fare: N/A
Non-AC Fare: 400 Taka

Dhaka to Norail Route
AC Fare: N/A
Non-AC Fare: 550 Taka

Dhaka to Benapole Route
AC Fare: N/A
Non-AC Fare: 600 Taka

Dhaka to Chattagram Route
AC Fare: N/A
Non-AC Fare: 800 Taka

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AK Travel Reviews and Customer Opinion

We have done a little survey for the users of this company and checked their company reviews. We found that is pretty satisfactory and they are providing really good services. That’s why we are suggested AK Travels mainly in Dhaka to Sathkira and Dhaka to Paikgacha route.

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