Top 13 Exciting Things to Do in Bangladesh

Before visiting Bangladesh, you should learn what you can do here. Today in this article, I am going to share the top 13 things to do in Bangladesh as a foreigner. Bangladesh is an amazing travel destination who loves to spend some time in summer vacation.

Top 13 Things to Do in Bangladesh
Top 13 Things to Do in Bangladesh 

It’s a destination loved by millions of tourists. There are such amazing spots that people will love to visit again and again. Today I am going to share the top things in my opinion.
NB: Personally, I have visited all of these places, so information and review are pretty much honest and accurate; I hope you will love it.

#1 Enjoy Traditional Festivals on Eid, Pohela Boishakh or Bijoy Dibosh Celebration

what to do in Bangladesh
Pohela Boishakh Celebration in Bangladesh

what to do in Bangladesh
Pohela Boishakh Rally

Bangladesh has few amazing traditional, cultural, and religious festivals. If you arrive there the festival time and join them in celebration, you can feel the real hospitality of Bangladesh. They treat European or American people as like a celebrity.
You will get so much concentration and they will love you. People usually will invite you to their house to eat and spend a few moments. They are too much friendly.
Eid is a Muslim celebration and it has a long holiday in Bangladesh. You can enjoy delicious food and see a colorful celebration.
Pohela Boishakh is one of the biggest celebrations among the whole Bengali people in the world. It’s the first day of the Bengali year.

#2 Beach Life in Cox’s Bazar

what to do in Bangladesh
Cox's Bazar Sea Beach

what to do in Bangladesh
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina On Beach

Do you know what is the longest sea beach in the world is?
Guess it.
Maybe you can’t guess, the longest sea beach in the world is in Bangladesh, its Cox’s Bazar.
The natural beauty of Cox’s Bazar is mind-blowing. I have been there a couple of times with my wife. She loves that spot.
The inani sea beach is the main attraction in Cox’s Bazar.
There is a really good opportunity for the marine drive. The road is beautiful with hill and sea, it’s a dreamy view.
If you ever visit Bangladesh, you can’t afford to miss this spot.

#3 Explore Biggest Mangrove Forest: Sundarban

what to do in Bangladesh
Deer in Sundarban

what to do in Bangladesh
Beauty of Sundarban

what to do in Bangladesh
Royal Bengal Tiger in Sundarban

Sundarban is the biggest mangrove forest in the world. I hope you know about the Royal Bengal Tiger, they are found in Sundarban only. It’s one of the rare breeds of the tiger in the world. They look really attractive.
A big number of tourists visit Sundarban every year.
The whole jungle is like swap forest and every place are connecting with each other with small rivers.
People enjoy the beauty of Sundarban from a boat.
There are several types of animals you can see, especially deer, crocodile, various types of birds, tortoise, python and many more.
It’s really easy to visit Sundarban from the capital Dhaka. There are lots of buses available from Dhaka to Khulna.

#4 Enjoy Beauty of Tea Gardens in Sylhet

what to do in Bangladesh
Sylhet Tea Garden

what to do in Bangladesh
Road Through Tea Estate

Sylhet is called as queen of Bangladesh. This small but beautiful division was built with four districts named Habiganj, Sunamganj, Moulovibazar, and Sylhet. All these four districts are famous and beautiful for several reasons.
The main reason is the tea estates.
Except for Sunamganj, the other three districts have a large number of tea gardens.
It’s very easy to visit Sylhet from Dhaka.
There are really high-quality buses and trains available.
But I prefer direct flight, it takes only 35 minutes to fly.
So if you want to visit Sylhet, take flight from Dhaka international airport.

#5 Coral Island Saint Martin: An Adventurous Journey

what to do in Bangladesh
Amazing Beauty of Saint Martin

what to do in Bangladesh
Amazing Beauty of Saint Martin

Saint Martin is the most beautiful island in Bangladesh without any doubt. It’s really an adventurous journey to go there.
It has a population of 4000 peoples. People know this place as ‘Narikel Jinjira’, in the local language.
“Daruchini Dwip” is another interesting name of this island.
There are lots of tour plans for Saint Martin; you can find a good tour package from Dhaka, Chittagong or Cox’s Bazar.
This place was under Burma before the British emperor on India. Then India captured it and now it has been a part of Bangladesh.

#6 Heritages of Dhaka and Friendly Peoples

what to do in Bangladesh
Ahsan Manzil

what to do in Bangladesh
Lalbagh Kella

Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh. This is the oldest and biggest city in the country. It has so many things to see there in Dhaka.
Especially few amazing forts and mosques.
Most of them were built on Mughal Emperor Time.
I would love to mention Lalbagh Fort, it’s an awesome monument and architectural building to see.

#7 Explore Port City Chittagong

what to do in Bangladesh
The beauty of Chittagong City

what to do in Bangladesh
Patenga Sea Beach

Chittagong is the second largest city of Bangladesh. According to my personal perspective, I think it’s the most exciting city in Bangladesh, because of huge natural beauty. This city has its own beach ‘Patenga’. Lots of tourists spots that you will love.
That’s not finished, it’s the biggest hilly district in Bangladesh. A lot of tribal villages in the hill, these are really full of beauty.
There lots of beautiful resorts and hotels to stay in Chittagong.
Karnaphuli River is one of the top attractions for river cruise in Bangladesh.

#8 A Journey by Boat in Sunamganj

what to do in Bangladesh
Haor Beauty of Sunamganj

what to do in Bangladesh
Haor Beauty of Bangladesh

Bengali word Haor means a wetland ecosystem. Sunamganj is very popular for a few amazing Haors. There is a certain season to visit Haors. I think spending a night in Haor in a boat with few friends is the best feeling ever.
In the meantime, you can explore the beautiful nature. Tanguar Haor is one of the biggest Haor in Bangladesh. If you ever been here, you just need to take the experience of Haor life. It’s really exciting and passionate.

#9 Sonargaon and Panam City

what to do in Bangladesh
Panam City

what to do in Bangladesh

Sonargaon is an Upazila of Narayanganj district, it’s place where you will find lots of ancient things to see that related to the history of Bangladesh and India.
In the museum, you will find lots of things to see.
Panam city is an abandoned old city that people visit often to see the old day’s beauty.
They both are in the same place.
The place is near to Dhaka city, it takes only an hour to drive. That’s why there is a big amount of tourist always. I love that place a lot.

#10 Beauty of Lalakhal, Sylhet

what to do in Bangladesh
Beautiful Lalakhal in Sylhet

what to do in Bangladesh
Beautiful Lalakhal in Sylhet

Lalakhal could be an amazing destination for you if you like river cruise. It’s located in Sylhet. It’s easy to go from Dhaka.
You can see these photos to understand the beauty of Lalakhal.

#11 Amazing View in Bichnakandi and Jaflong

Bichnakandi Friends Group
Bichnakandi Friends Group

what to do in Bangladesh

Bichnakandi and Jaflong have similarities a lot. But I think Bichnakandi is more impressive to see. There are a few reasons behind it. Bichnakandi has a less amount of tourist that makes that place more clean and natural. The people are making Jaflong as like dust with picking a stone from the river.
It’s pretty hard to go Bichnakandi because you have to walk awhile and then need a 45-minute boat ride.
But Jaflong is really easy to go, direct bus and other vehicles go there.

#12 Bandarban: A Hilly City

what to do in Bangladesh
Golden Temple in Bandarban

what to do in Bangladesh

what to do in Bangladesh
Nil Giri

We have already posted the ultimate travel guide on Bandarban, you need to check that to know more about this thrilling district. Bandarban has lots of spots to enjoy. I prefer Nilachol, Nil Giri, Golden Temple and Meghla most.
These places are absolutely amazing.

#13 The Palace Life in Habiganj

what to do in Bangladesh
The Palace in Habiganj, Bahubal

The Palace is the biggest and the best resort in Bangladesh. It is the only five star resorts ever. The location is really exciting; it’s into a big tea estate. You shouldn’t miss this amazing spot.


After all, Bangladesh is an amazing place with over a hundred amazing tourist spots. The 13 things that I have mentioned in this post, you just need to do these while you are visiting Bangladesh.