Sreemangal Tea Gardens

Sreemangal Tea Gardens 

I think Sreemangal is the best tea garden destination in Bangladesh. We already posted a detailed guide on Traveling on Sreemangal. You will find all the interesting information on what to do and where to stay in Sreemangal.

Sreemangal Tea Gardens
Sreemangal Tea Gardens

Here I will show and tell you about the tea gardens of Sreemangal. I am living very close to this spot and I have visited over 10 times. The beauty of the tea garden is indescribable.
When I walk through the little path that goes between the garden, I feel thrilled and the beauty amazed me every time. I go back again and again to enjoy that beauty.
The whole environment is so silent and not moving at all. There are some big trees that giving shadow to the little tea plants. There are lots of known and unknown birds are making really beautiful sounds. Bird hunting is totally illegal and it's a big crime here. So if you ever visit that place, never think about doing that type of crime.
A lot of tourists come Sreemangal every year to enjoy the green beauty of Sylhet. That's why this place has been built as tourism heaven. Lots of resorts and hotels are available there.
You will find a destination to live easily.

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Sreemangal Tea Gardens
Sreemangal Tea Gardens

Bangladesh has over 160 tea gardens and most of them are in Sylhet division. Three major tea gardens are producing the most tea every year. To be noted more than 300 thousand people are working everyday in tea estates. Another shocking information is 80% of them are female. They are getting paid very low and living a life below average. The government should take a step to give them a proper salary, enough chances to get educated and get a better life after all.

Tea Garden List in Sreemangal

Sreemangal Tea Gardens
Sreemangal Tea Gardens

Let's take a look at the top tea gardens in Sreemangal. These gardens could be your next travel destination. Spending time on a natural beautiful tea garden could be a memorable tour for you.

1. Noor Jahan Tea Garden

2. Mirzapur Tea Garden

3. Baraoora Tea Factory, Sreemangal

4. Satgaon Tea Garden

There are many less popular tea gardens to explore in Sreemangal. I guarantee you, you will love everything there. Especially biking on the hilly road was really amazing for me.

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