Top Online Business Ideas in Bangladesh


online business ideas in Bangladesh
Online Business Ideas in Bangladesh

Hey guys, welcome to another blog post. Today we will deal with some serious businesses. I know that you all guys are highly interested to know about online businesses that’s why you’re here. I hope that I will assist you to know something better about online business ideas.
Do you know, what is the best online business to start with no money in Bangladesh? I know actually, and I will share those business ideas with you.
Are you looking for some ideas that can change your life? Yeah, then you could probably find one here. I’m not sharing the top ten online businesses; in this ultimate content, I will introduce more than 30 online businesses with you. I hope that you will get some serious ideas from here.

Why Online Business Perfect Nowadays?

There some real reasons behind the popularity of online businesses. I will explain those here. I think, there are five most attractive reasons behind the attraction of online businesses. I’m explaining those five reasons.

Operate from Home
You know, if you handle our own online business you can handle the full business from home. That’s an interesting matter actually. People love to spend times with their family, even I do the same. When people do some online stuff, they can run it from anywhere.
Think, you’re on a vacation and you can control your business there also. In a physical business, it’s not possible at all.
So, people get attraction because they can spend a lot of time with family and friend while they do online business.

Less labor
It’s not 100% true, but if you think physically then online business is comfortable then physical business. Because in a normal job or business, you’ve to wake up a specific time and be ready for office. You’ve to maintain a hard routine and then you can’t get out from routine.
You have to invest your body energy and brain both in a normal business but online, you just need to invest your brain. Sometimes, people get a problem with back pain, neck pain but those don’t matter actually.

It has limitless freedom
People actually can’t realize what freedom is while he is free. But when someone starts a regular job or some business, where he can’t get any leisure when wanting; he can understand what freedom is. So, the online business gives you that opportunity to get limitless freedom.
You won’t feel that the pressure that you got in a regular job.
You can take decisions your own and can make them real anytime.
You can take leisure anytime, whenever you want.

 Work with Your Passion
While you’ll start an online business, you will start it with your own passion. I mean, you will be able to find your passion and make it real. That’s one of the most interesting parts for online business. You can make your passion real there.
You don’t have to work against your wisdom.

Get ‘Boss’ Feeling
That’s not an actual reason, but I feel that. I started my online business because I thought I can be a boss.
That’s a positive feeling on people, which helps to work more and get succeed.

These were the top five reasons that are why people love to do online business. And I suggest they should do. The world has become smaller because of the internet. The whole world is connected with each other through this.
You can contact with anyone within a second through huge medium available there.
So I hope that my online business ideas will help you, it will be able to make you motivated with a specific area of online business.
Internet business opportunities can change an entrepreneur’s life. I know, you’re the next entrepreneur.
So, late for what? Let’s explore our online business ideas.

Top Online Business Ideas in Bangladesh


online business ideas in Bangladesh
Make Money Blogging in Bangladesh

Blogging is what I’m doing. Blogging is being popular day by day. You can start a blog right now. It’s so simple and easy. First of all, you’ve to pick a topic or niche for blogging. Then you’ve to start writing awesome blog posts in your niche.
Picking a topic for blogging is a crucial thing; you must have to aware while you’re picking one. Because most of the time, people start blogging with huge motivation. But they lose it after one or two months. That’s the problem that, they can’t stay focus on their niche or topic.
That’s why you’ve to pick a niche that you’re passionate about.
If you’re a newbie, you should start with free platforms like WordPress, Weebly, Blogger or Wix.

Special Recommend: Build your first blog with this affordable blog building service. Check the link below. 

Affiliate Marketing

online business ideas in Bangladesh
Affiliate Marketing in Bangladesh

Affiliate marketing is a really lucrative business online, there is some solid money. If you can do it in a proper way, you can make some good money easily. The process is so simple; you have to sign up for some kind of affiliate program.
Suppose, you have got a blog or niche site on health niche, now you can apply for a health affiliate program. They will give you product or service list. You’ve to research keywords related to those products or services, then review those products or services in your blog or niche site.
When you will rank for those keywords in Google, you’ll get targeted buyers. People will buy the product through your referral link. And you will get paid a percentage of selling amount as commission.
So simple, right? Not that easy it sounds, okay? You’ve to do huge research and study for it. I faced the main problem is quality content, it’s hard to find a good product review writer.
After all, you can start this business right now. But don’t ever try affiliate marketing without a proper idea. Affiliate marketing is my best choice in online business ideas.

Web Hosting Selling

online business ideas in Bangladesh
Web Hosting Business in Bangladesh

All websites are hosted somewhere, everyday a huge number of websites are launching on the internet. For this reason, web hosting business is being popular day by day. Five years ago, in my town, most of the people didn’t even know about web hosting.
But now, there are more than ten webs hosting company with their own data center and a huge amount or shared hosting reseller.
 If you want to start a web hosting company, you don’t have to set up your own data center. You can resell any famous companies hosting, remember it’s not as an affiliate.
You’ve to manage your own client, you’ve to support them.
This business is not as simple as blogging or affiliate marketing. You’ve to be a proper expert on marketing. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get a single client.
By the way, it has an opportunity to make a huge profit if you can do marketing well.
For a web hosting business, you’ve to pick a company for buying hosting space as a reseller. I suggest BlueHost, HostGator and Web Hosting Hub. You should buy your reseller option from any of them.
Then you’ve to develop a website with WHMCS and set up a payment gateway.
You can use PayPal as a payment gateway.

Build an SEO Company

online business ideas in Bangladesh
Make Money SEO

People want to rank their business on search engine and right here SEO does business. As an SEO expert, you can offer online businesses to rank their websites or blogs.
Local SEO services are really great. You just need to find clients.
I know some SEO company, with two or three member total. They’re doing great in that field. You’ve to learn SEO first and you’ve to know how to rank company websites for local keywords.
You think that you have got a client who is a dentist. He runs a clinic in Berlin, now he wants to rank for the keyword ‘Berlin Dentist’ and some similar keywords that are relevant to his business.
Now you’ve o optimize his website with those keywords and do some advance level content marketing, link building, guest posting to rank the website.
If you can do so, he will pay you $300-$1000 per month while you’re not even working. Because, if you can rank a website within 2 months you will get paid next 10 months just for auditing his website.
Isn’t it really attractive?
So, you can start this online business right now, if you know enough about SEO.

Domain Name Selling

online business ideas in Bangladesh
Domain Name Selling in Bangladesh

Every year 110 million new domains become registered, and the number is being bigger day by day. That’s why I added domain flipping as a serious online business idea here. Anybody can do this online business, but this business isn’t as lucrative as others I described above.
Domain flipping takes time. You’ve to learn this business, and it takes time to learn. You can’t be rich overnight with flipping domains, but if you can keep continue yourself with this business it will be great.
Because sometimes you could make your domain name premium and sell them with a big price.
Honestly speaking, I don’t know much about this business. That’s why I can’t provide you enough information. But you can follow this content to know more about domain flipping.

Start Developing Apps

online business ideas in Bangladesh
Make Money App Development in Bangladesh

App developing is being an interesting business nowadays. I’m going to tell you the process of the business opportunity of app developing.
Suppose, you have got a team of app developer or you own a developer. Now you can develop apps for companies, websites.
Because now Android is a popular mobile phone version and most of the people use it. Everybody loves to install new apps on their phone if they find something interesting.
Most of the website is making their app version and most of the companies making their app to promoting businesses.
So, if you’re marketing strategy works properly, then you can find huge clients.
The most important thing for this business is that it’s not that competitive till now. You can start working right now.
You can build apps for Android and iOS.

Start Web Design Company

online business ideas in Bangladesh
Web Design Company

Do you know web developing? Oh, you’ve to any idea about it? Don’t worry, just study about web design, what is it and how it does work?
When you will figure out what web design is, you can start providing services of web designing or developing.
First of all, you’ve to hire two or three web developer. You’ve to take help of any professional consultant to do this if you're not any knowledge in about web design.
You’ve to pick an innovative and creative name for your web designing company. Be aware and pick techy and design related name.
Develop your own company website first and provide all information and packages. Start marketing your services, you can provide it with guest blogging, Google AdWords or Facebook Ads. I always suggest and prefer to use Adwords to market any business.
You can target your local small companies, who don’t have a website. You can offer them to build a website. If your marketing strategy works properly, it’s easy to make money for you.
If you know properly, how to design a website then you can use this online business idea and make a web designing company.

Selling Software

You can contact with some software company and can sell their software. It provides a huge amount commission I know.
There is some most used and high priced software that several people and company use. You can do marketing for selling that software and can make a good commission.
I suggest building a website for reviewing software. You can write a detailed guide about software and how to use them.
If you can provide a good guide, people will definitely buy software from you.

Make Your Own Game

online business ideas in Bangladesh
Game Development in Bangladesh

Do you know the Google Play store? I hope you know. Every android user knows play store. There are millions of android apps, that you can install in your phone.
Did you ever think why people make apps and submit on Google play? Why they invest to build games for your mobile?
There are some facts.
There is a program called Admob, run by Google.
When someone makes a game, he can add this game on Admob program. Admob give him some code to place on the game. Developer places the code there and when someone download the game and play it, he can watch the ads.
That’s how a game owner makes money. It’s an interesting and smart way to make money online.
You can start your own game building company like EA Sports. You can make PC games as well. But you’ve to do marketing your PC game own.
Most of the PC game is paid, that’s mean gamer have to pay for purchase the game. Game companies making millions every month selling games.

Video Editing Services

Are you expert on Adobe Premiere Pro or Filmora? Can you edit videos however you want? That can be a smart online business. You can work as a video editor with several online companies. But I personally suggest adding yourself in some online market places like Upwork, Fiverr as a video editor.
You will get a huge buyer or client there if you can provide some good portfolio.
You can make your own website or YouTube channel to show your works to the world. While you will start getting works it won’t stop.
Believe me, it won’t stop.

T-Shirts Selling As an Affiliate

There are some T-Shirt selling platforms, where you can design your own t-shirt and can sell them through an affiliate link.
I highly suggest you Join Teespring, Sunfrog, and Gearlaunch. Because my personal opinion said that they convert great.
Don’t join Teezily or Viral Style; they have got a very bad converting record. I know some people, who have lost a huge amount by doing advertising for Teezily. They’re just crap and their customer reviews are also very bad.
Sunfrog has a great thing; you can promote anyone’s design. Isn’t it great? I love Sunfrog for that reason. You don’t have to design any T-Shirt there.

Start an Online Academy

Do you think, you’re a good teacher? Then you can start your own online academy or school. Have you seen Khan Academy
They’re providing online teaching for free and they’ve enormous student worldwide. Bangladeshi-American Salman Khan started Khan Academy and it has millions of students now.
You can start an online academy on a specific subject, because as an individual person it’s not possible for you to cover all subjects.
So, you can start with your best and the strong place.
You just need to make videos, edit them and upload on website. You can upload videos on YouTube and then you can add them into your website.
You can make a good amount of money from YouTube also.
So, if you’re interested then start it today.

Content Writer

online business ideas in Bangladesh
Content Writer in Bangladesh 

Content writing is a smart job nowadays. There are some good marketplaces for writers. You can get a job as a writer there. I will give a short list here.
 People always look for a writer, who has a website or blog. I often look for writers for my niche sites. I love to change the writer and deal with new peoples. I hire writers from Social Media and several marketplaces.
If you think, you’re good in English and you can write proper blog content then you can start writing right now.
First of all, make a blog on your own. Make 5-10 great blog content there as your sample writing.
Start bidding here –
Content Mart
Value Writers
Target Writers
If you can make a good portfolio, it will be easier for you to get work there easily. 

Become a Virtual Assistant

The virtual assistant has become a popular job nowadays. Suppose you run an e-commerce website, now your website is growing and you’re getting huge orders. Then you sure can’t control all these things alone and you're not even an office because you run a business from home.
You need an assistant to help you. What will you do then? You have to go to a virtual assistant.
Now suppose, you can manage social media and WordPress websites very well and someone looking for an assistant who can manage his social media accounts. You find him and got an online job.
This is totally a remote job; you can do it from your home. You boss can track you with any time tracking software because he needs to be sure how many hours you’re working for him.
That’s how the process works.

Work on Online Marketplaces like UpWork, Fiverr

Do you know those online marketplaces? If you’re native in English then you can start working right now. But it can be a little bit harder for people who aren’t native English. Because of all of those marketplaces use English language and if you’re English level is poor then you can’t do good there.
First of all, you’ve to specify what you’re going to do. I mean, you know what skill you’ve. You can make some portfolio with your works.
Then, you need to make accounts in those marketplaces and bid for your relevant jobs.
You will get full time and part-time, both type jobs there.
UpWork is great, and for small works, people use Fiverr.
You can provide small services in Fiverr, like logo design.
That is one of the great ideas from legitimate online business opportunities.

Do Consultancy

Do you want to build successful online businesses? Then you must have to expert on something. Suppose you’re a lawyer and you want to do online business.
Now you can start a consultancy, you can provide information online for money.
How will you get clients?
You’ve to build a good website and you’ve to give details about your services there.
The most important thing is that you’ve to reach that audience, who are actually looking for a consultant. You need good marketing knowledge for that.
You can take help or can do SEO for your business.

Make Videos for YouTube

YouTube content creator is a great job. Do you know PewDiePie?
He is the biggest YouTube celebrity ever with the highest number of subscribers. He is making millions only playing games and broadcasting them on YouTube.
Are you funny and you have a good sense of humor?
What you need to become a YouTuber?
1.       Camera
2.       Computer
3.       Internet
4.       YouTube Account (Google Account)
5.       Video Editing Skill
6.       Sound Editing Skill
7.       Knowledge how YouTube Works
8.       YouTube copyright policy
Now how can you make money from your video?
1.       You can review products and can provide your referral link as like affiliate marketing.
2.       You can make sponsored videos for your audience.
3.       You can show AdSense ads on your videos.
4.       You can promote businesses on YouTube.
You just need to make great content with a specific topic. Everything will be good after that.
YouTubing is being a smart online business idea nowadays.
That is one of the best options from Google online business opportunities.

Make an e-Commerce Site and Start Serious Business

E-commerce business is the most profitable online business and it’s a serious business also.
What you need to start an e-commerce business?
1.       Enough interest in online business
2.       A specific product, you can buy wholesale products
3.       A Website
4.       Marketing Knowledge
5.       Social Media Accounts, you’ve to use ads for boosting them
6.       Need to provide the best product
7.       Company registration
8.       Good Customer Support
9.       Communication excellence
If you can maintain those 9 things, you can make good money from e-commerce business.
Do you know, e-commerce is one of the top online business opportunities?

Forex Trading– Foreign Exchange

online business ideas in Bangladesh
Forex Trading

For Forex Trading, you need good knowledge of currency exchanges and their rate. You've to observe the market for more than 2-6 months.
You’ve to open a demo account and start trading; if you get success with a demo account then you should go for real trading.
You need a handsome amount of investment here. If you're not good knowledge about that, it has a chance to lose the money.
If you get success with a demo account, then go for real.
Tips to make better money on Forex Trading
1.       Learn First, Trade Later
2.       Learn a Specific Strategy and Stick With It
3.       Make Your Own Trading Style
4.       Never Copy-Paste Someone
5.       Pick Your Entry and Exit Time Carefully
6.       Calculate every bloody thing about trading
7.       In the beginning, go for small trades
8.       Never ever get overwhelmed or greedy
Follow these tips to improve your trading profit.

Graphics Design Service Selling

Suppose, you’re an expert on Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator and you can design every kind of banners, logos, etc. Now how can you make money?
You can work as a company or can work as an individual graphic designer. You need your own website, a Facebook page to promote your services.
You can make some packages and promote those through social media.
But it is hard to get work from social media, that’s why you’ve to bid for the job in marketplaces. You can rank your own website in Google and can get huge clients.
The success depends on how you’re doing in the marketing sector of your business.
Graphics design services are hot always and it will be. It’s a creative sector and I love graphic designers very much.

Work for Real Estate

This is also like Affiliate Marketing; you can promote real estate’s flat or business selling offers. If you can manage some clients, you can make big amounts.
I was never connected with that business but I know some people who do this. That is actually profitable and lucrative online business.

Start Dropshipping

You can start Drop Shipping with Shopify, Amazon, eBay or AliExpress.
Here is a basic guide about Drop Shipping, provided by Shopify.

CPA Marketing

CPA stands for Cost per Action. There are huge CPA marketplaces, these are like affiliate marketing. Merchants or vendors add their products or services on CPA markets. As a CPA marketer, you’ve to promote that product or offers through your blog, landing page or social account.
If people purchase something, you will get paid. But CPA has some extra convenient systems; they will pay you if people only leave their email or zip code or do a little survey.
This is incredible.
Here is the best definition and explanation of CPA marketing by Backlinko.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the simple and easy online business ideas.
Can you use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? I hope you can. You just need to maintain those accounts for any company.
You’ve to reply to their clients, actually your client’s messages. You’ve to solve their online issues. Sometimes, you’ve to make content for social media accounts.
Nowadays, social media marketers get paid high.

Be a Translator

I know Spanish and English both. I worked as a translator for 2 months for a Spanish blog. They used to translate English blog posts into Spanish. It is low cost for making good blog content.
That’s why I’ve added the translator as an online business idea. If you can two languages and you want to work as a translator you can start right now.
First of all, you’ve to be sure and confident about your language ability.
Then, you’ve to find some clients.

Write eBooks and Sell Them

In a specific subject, you can write an eBook. I’m writing an eBook on Google AdSense. I hope that will be great.
How can you make money online by writing eBooks?
You can write to your own and also can write for several companies who is looking for good writers?
If you think that you have got a good knowledge of something, and you can write well.
Then, you should start writing right now.
Make a detailed and definite guide on something and sell in on online.

AdWords Ad Expert

For every business, they need to market their product and services. That’s why people use Google AdWords. But using or giving ad through AdWords is a childish job.
It requires expert and experienced people. You can learn AdWords and can start working as a paid marketer.
You can sell your own products, eBook or services through Adwords.
I use Google AdWords to promote CPA offers, it works great for me.

Facebook Ad Expert

There is something named F-Commerce. Billion people use social media platform Facebook and here is the opportunity.
You can boost you product or services to them with Facebook Ads.
You can reach a specific area, specific age and demography people.

Bing Ad Expert

Bing ads work the same as Google AdWords.
Bing is owned by Microsoft Corporation. That’s why it’s a default search engine in Microsoft products. You can sell, promote and market your products as well as CPA offers, affiliate products, etc.

WordPress Developer

It’s the same as like Web Design Company building if you can develop a WordPress website then you can do the same.
You can hire a developer for that job also.

Make Videos for Others

You can make a video for others and can sell them. It’s a simple business. In Fiverr, there are lots of gig like this.

Make Advertising Videos

People want to advertise their business online often, and video is a great medium to market business online.
If you’ve good skill in making and editing videos, then you can start right now.

Make Course on Specific Topic

Suppose, you know SEO very well, now you can make a detailed SEO course for your audience and can sell them.
That’s a simple and the easiest way to make money.


Thanks for reading this long content; I hope that you’ve liked it. If you can start any of them you will be able to make money from home. These online business ideas work great and millions of people are making money using those tactics.