Top Niches for Bangladeshi YouTubers

Hey Bangladeshi YouTubers, how are you all? I hope you guys are doing amazing. Today I am going to talk about the most important topic on YouTube marketing, and it’s a Niche Selection. If you are a YouTuber from Bangladesh, who want to pursue his dream making money online from YouTube then you need to find a proper niche for you.

Top Niches for YouTube
Top Niches for YouTube

What to think before picking a Niche?

  1. Is that your passion?
  2. Is that your skill?
  3. Is that your working/studying subject?
  4. Do you have an interest in this topic?
  5. What about the competition?

You need to ask these questions yourself. I give priority to the ‘Passion’ first. Because people could change their entire career track driving into a totally new world, but they still remain consistent with their passion. That’s why passion is really important.
And then skill, your skill could be your niche. Suppose, you can cook very well and you consider cooking as your skill and you love cooking. That could be your niche. Don’t pick it, just one example.
As an engineering student, you can start a YouTube channel related to engineering stuff. In every education sector, there are opportunities to create contents and that has a massive audience though.
Before picking a niche, market research is important. You can’t pick a niche randomly or without any research. With proper researching, you will understand in-depth about the keywords, audience limitation, audience geo, and their behavior. If you want to fight for a long time, then you need to know these things.

Top Niche Suggestion for Bangladeshi YouTubers

Now let’s focus into the main content, here I will reveal a few niche ideas that you can use. Personally, I did a huge research on YouTube marketing and found some interesting topics that anyone could cover.

#1 Funny Video

youtube niches for Bangladeshi YouTubers
Create Funny Videos

Funny videos are always on trend. There is nothing hidden about funny videos. Everyone like that type of videos, you don’t need to think about audience targeting. You will get a huge amount of audience. If your content quality, acting is fine then you might get some fan from out of borders too.
Before starting a funny video channel try to keep these things on your mind.
1.    Body language and sense of humor are really important.
2.    Don’t try to be over smart.
3.    Take feedback from loyal friends.
4.    Try to create videos with professionals if possible.
5.    Inspire your friends to be on your video.
Video and audio quality and proper editing a major factor in this niche, if you can add good sound effect people will get attracted with your video.

#2 Start Your Own Show

youtube niches for Bangladeshi YouTubers
Start Your Own Show

Do you know ‘Ellen Show’, ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’? Of course, you know. Don’t you think, you can start your own show? Yes, you can, definitely, you can. That’s a lucrative idea right now for Bangladesh.
Because here in Bangladesh people don’t watch TV shows too much, because of low quality and too many ads. But they love watching shows on YouTube, because of low advertisement.
Now you can start your own show.
That show could be a comedy show or even could be a show about talking about Islamic things. There are a bunch of ideas that might be roaming on your mind. Fix one and start working.
Before starting your own show, let’s keep these four things on your mind.
1.    Turn your room as your studio.
2.    Ask your friends and relatives to attend as the audience.
3.    Make your script and practice before going in front of the camera.
4.    Take and retake shots again and again.

#3 Interview Videos

youtube niches for Bangladeshi YouTubers
Interview Videos

You might have seen ‘AngryPicnic’, ‘BigDawsTV’ etc channels are creating outdoor videos just asking people a few questions. And it’s an interesting niche right now. People love to say something in front of the camera.
You just need to pick a trending topic that people are talking about everywhere in social media and in real life.
Then create a few unique and funny or creative questions on that topic. Then go to the street and start asking questions.
4 tips before starting an interview channel.
1.    Don’t ask sexual questions or any questions that make people feel offended.
2.    Buy a good quality DSLR with Tripod and a professional looking microphone.
3.    Add your channel logo in Microphone and Camera.
4.    Never miss any interesting and trending topic that people are talking about.

#4 Review Videos

youtube niches for Bangladeshi YouTubers
Create a Review Video

We know ‘Shohag360’; he is making tech products review videos. As like tech products, there are hundreds of types of products are available to review. Maybe Amazon is coming to Bangladesh next year. The reviewer could make awesome amount with Amazon affiliation.
You just need to pick a product, unbox it, and talk about its features, usefulness, prices, and availability.
Product review is one of the top niches ever in the world. But here in Bangladesh, it’s not too much popular. People don’t buy too much online.
But the situation is changing daily.


Make money YouTube is not that much hard as people think. You can do it yourself with dedication, hard work, and passion.
Good luck to you all.

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