Write a Paragraph on Our National Flag

Our National Flag
Our National Flag 

Our National Flag: Paragraph

Every free country has its own flag; it’s a symbol of freedom and sovereignty. A flag, with its shape, color and size carry so many messages and hints about a country.
Bangladesh is a free country and we have our own national flag also. After the liberation war of 1971, we got an independent country with our own flag. To gets that freedom and that flag, we have lost millions of lives.
The national flag of Bangladesh is rectangular and its proportion is 10:6. It has several sizes according to using purpose. In the victory day, independent day and international mother language day people flap the national flag everywhere. And in the government buildings, they use it every working day. We half-mast the flag in every national and international mourning day.
We respect our national flag and we salute it.

Our National Flag: Paragraph 2

Every country has own national flag. Each flag has different colors, shape, and design. It is a symbol of independence and sovereignty of every respected country. People love their national flag and do respect. Bangladesh has a beautiful national flag. It contains two colors; red and green. Green indicates the green nature of Bangladesh and red indicated the blood color of freedom fighters who sacrificed their life to acquire this flag.
Our national flag is our pride. It contains our national emotion and patriotism. Bangladeshi peoples are really passionate about the loving country, and they proved it again and again.  We respect our national flag very much. And everyone in this world should love and respect their national flags.
Some countries have a really unique shape in their flag. I want to mention Nepal; they really have a beautiful and unique shape with the mind-blowing color combination.

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Disclaimer: Write a paragraph on our national flag your own and practice with this one. I hope you will learn this very quickly. It is a unique piece that you can learn and use in your school examinations.