How to Earn Money Online in Bangladesh without Investment?

How to Earn Money Online in Bangladesh without Investment?

How to Earn Money Online in Bangladesh without Investment
How to Earn Money Online in Bangladesh without Investment?

Online money making is a lucrative topic right now in Bangladesh. There are numerous ways that you can make money. Here in this article, we will focus on how to earn money online in Bangladesh without investment.

Yes, without zero investment, with your brain and a computer including internet connection. What do you think? Is that a bed of rose? Not at all, and not a rocket science also. You need to learn and know the basics of getting started; we will try our best to teach you the basics.
In this article, I will cover the top 5 ways to make money online in Bangladesh, I hope if you can follow these tips and tricks, you will be able to make money online.

Tools and Things You Need to Have for Make Money Online Bangladesh

Before getting started, let’s know what equipment and basic the knowledge you should have to work online and make money in Bangladesh.

A Computer:

A computer with average configuration is enough for basic web development, graphic design, and blogging tasks. I prefer buying a laptop rather than a desktop. You can make your work virtual and remote with your laptop while you are traveling. A core i5 laptop with 4 GB of RAM and 500 GB of HDD is enough for working online. Any higher configuration will be appreciated.

Internet Connection:

A good internet connection is important to keeping your working flow good. Otherwise, you will lose your learning or working strength with unfortunate stops. So I prefer not to use any broadband connection in the summer season. Because there are lots of electrical problem at that time and you will face a huge internet connection problem.
Using mobile data with wireless Wi-Fi is the best way for me. I am using the internet this way for a decade and never faced any major issue. Back in 2013, I was using a GP Modem and that time GP has not so many GP internet offers and packages. Right now, data is cheap and affordable for everyone.

Basic Knowledge on the Internet:

Having basic knowledge is important. Basic knowledge means you need to know how to browse the internet and how to create accounts, send emails, create emails, etc. Right now, you are reading my blog, so I can assure you that you passed this and you have basic knowledge on the internet.

Quick Learner:

You just need to be a quick learner.  Lazy and slow people don’t get their space online. Because this is a changing industry, which comes with a huge update and upgraded every single day or week. So you need to be fast enough to catch the flow and keep yourself in the flow.
If you are a quick learner, you can learn things quickly and can apply this and observe results.

Top 5 Ways to Earn Money Online in Bangladesh without Investment

#1 Blogging

Learn Blogging in Bangladesh

Blogging is lucrative and being popular day by day in Bangladesh. People love to read blogs to know information. If you can choose your passion for blogging, you can win. Let’s try to know about blogging a bit.
What is Blogging?
Blogging is a way to create a website and create content there as like I am doing, and then attract people to read your content and finally, monetize that with banner ads or any affiliate offer.
Blogging could consider as a publication business as well. People are investing in blogs a lot and it is giving a huge return.
To get succeed in blogging from Bangladesh, you need to create high-quality content that attracts people and the content that people will love. If you can keep continuing creating content, someday you will be hit with a huge amount of traffics.
Huge traffics mean huge earning.

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#2 YouTube

YouTube is a video sharing platform, we all know about YouTube. It is the second largest search engine right after Google itself. So you can imagine that they have a really huge amount of visitors on their website.
But the contents that we see on YouTube, do YouTube create themselves own? No, people like you and me are the creators of these contents.
YouTube do nothing, they just keep their site alive and let people share their video with the entire world. And when someone starts getting views in his video, YouTube offers a partnership, where they will show some ads on your video and they will pay you through AdSense when people interact on these ads.
It’s very simple logic to understand.
Vendors are advertising their links, products in AdWords and they are paying Google for that, and Google showing these ads on our YouTube videos and sharing the revenue with content owner.
So, if you intend to become a YouTuber, you need to learn and know so many things.
First of all, decide what type of video you want to create. And then find a proper niche and do keyword research. Whatever you create, check that on trend and people interaction on that.
Learning video editing is really important in that case. If you can edit video properly, you can make good videos that will get a better view on YouTube.

#3 Web Development

Web Development in Bangladesh

Web developing is being popular day by day. People are creating websites for their own, for their brand, for their company, school, and institute. The demand for web designer and developer are increasing day by day.
In Bangladesh, this is a really trending profession right now.
You can start learning web development without any investment and make money with your skill. You don’t need to pay or spend any money on that.
There are lots of online market places available where you can find full-time or part-time jobs. I prefer Upwork as the best marketplace for web developer of Bangladesh.
Beside of Upwork, Freelance, Fiver, and PeoplePerHour are also amazing platforms for developers.
You need to learn a few programming languages if you want to be a front-end developer.
A developer should have proper knowledge of design and layout.

#4 Graphic Designer

Making money as a designer is really amazing. If you have a passion for drawing then this is the best option to choose. Graphics design is depending on a few major tools as like Illustrator, Photoshop, etc. You need to be an expert on handling this software.
When you will understand and start doing design, it doesn’t cost anything. You just need to have a computer; installing Photoshop in that and a good internet connection to watch Udemy or YouTube lesson that will assist you in learning.
You will get lots of job opportunities in marketplaces and there a good demand for designers in the market right now.
You can get a physical job as well.

#5 Video Editor

Video editing is a smart generation job choice, I think. You know people are building new video production companies based on YouTube or Television. To create a better video, they need a good video editor.
You can start your career learning Filmora, Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects.


Make money online in Bangladesh without any investment is not rocket science. You can make money with easy steps if you have hard working intention.