A Paragraph on Digital Bangladesh | High School Paragraphs

A Paragraph on Digital Bangladesh | High School Paragraphs 

Digital Bangladesh paragraph
Digital Bangladesh Paragraph

Digital Bangladesh – Paragraph 

Bangladesh is a developing country and now it is being one of the digital countries in Asia. The current government of Bangladesh took a decision to make Bangladesh as ‘Digital Bangladesh’. Actually, the goal was about improving the internet, making the mobile phone easy to get and use technology everywhere.
The goal is pretty much successful and now we can call our country as a Digital country. Now we have a large number of active internet users, who can find a solution to their problem using their mobile or computer.
A big number of people are doing businesses online that is impressive. Platforms like Facebook and YouTube have made it really easy to connect with other peoples. And more connection means more opportunity to do business.
People are making money online doing virtual jobs for other developed countries like the US, UK, Australia, etc. It is a tremendous opportunity who wants to work from home and build his career with passion. 
This vision has made agriculture, education, economy, product production really easy with a high level of technology. 
Students can learn their lessons staying at home with YouTube lessons. And farmers can find the solution of their problems simply searching on YouTube. There are huge young entrepreneurs are working behind to provide the best information for people.
Such as 10 Minute School is an awesome platform to studying for High school and college level students. In this platform, they teach almost every subject. And it’s is a YouTube-based online school, but now they have created their own App and Website. 
In the agriculture sector, when someone faces any problems related their farming, then they could easily find the solution searching on YouTube, and there are so many Android Apps, which can help you to inform about A to Z about the plantation and other agro stuff. 
The banking system was really hard in Bangladesh, people faced problems and the processes were time-consuming. But now people have e-banking system and mobile banking system.
That let them operate everything remotely from a single mobile or computer device. 
Government is setting up so many IT parks all across the country to bring people a touch of Digitalization and progress of the country. And people are responding greatly, and this is amazing for the country. 
We can claim that we are ‘Digital Bangladesh’ now.

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