Bangladesh Railway Ticket Booking Online

Bangladesh Railway Ticket Booking Online

Are you looking for information on Bangladesh Railway Ticket Booking Online? Then you are in the perfect place. Here I will teach you, how you can purchase your Bangladesh railway eSheba online ticket without having any problem.
Right now it’s not that hard or problem to buy a Bangladesh railway online ticket. Even you can do ticket booking with your mobile phone also.
I will show the exact guide with a screenshot so that you guys can understand easily.

Bangladesh Railway Ticket Booking Online
Bangladesh Railway Ticket Booking Online

How to Buy eSheba Online Train Ticket?

(Whole Guide with Screenshot)
For buying a ticket online, you need to have an account on the Bangladesh Railway website. For creating your account of eSheba. Follow this.

You will find a page like this.
Bangladesh Railway Ticket Booking
Sign up for eSheba

Now follow the image below, fill up the blank options with proper information.
Bangladesh Railway Ticket Booking
Sign up for eSheba
Then Click on the REGISTER button below. They will send you a validation mail in your email inbox. 
The email will be like this, and click on the activation link. 
Bangladesh Railway Ticket Booking
Sign up for eSheba
Before using the service, they will verify your mobile number with sending code and you've to put your National ID card Number, Date of Birth and Postal Code again. 
Do this stuff carefully.

Now it's time to check for the ticket, the real work.
I guess that you've signed up and logged in your eSheba account. It's not that easy actually. 
You've to choose the option 'Purchase Ticket' from Menu. 
Take a look at this image, carefully. 
After clicking on Purchase Ticket, you will find a page like this. 
You've to choose your station name and you arriving station name from this. You have to choose a date and seat type. 
Then Click on 'Search Train'

Bangladesh Railway Ticket Booking
Dhaka to Chittagong Train Ticket Online Booking
According to your preference, the website will show their result like this image. 
Bangladesh Railway Ticket Booking
BD Online Train Ticket Booking
There is only one train available according to my search. Now how to confirm seat?
Take a look here. 
Bangladesh Railway Ticket Booking
Online Train Ticket BD
I've clicked on Class and selected 'Snigdha' then click on Auto Selection and they found a match for me. Now I can pay for them and book my ticket. 

You can book your ticket in this same process. I hope you will not face any problem. Don't forget to let us know if you face any kinds of the problem while booking your train ticket online. 

Let’s learn something really important about Bangladesh railway online ticket. It’s a FAQ section actually. I hope you will find all of your needed questions answered here. And you will be able to book your next eSheba ticket for maybe in Dhaka to Chittagong train journey.

Q: What is the time for buying the ticket online?
A: 8.00 AM to 10.00 PM

Q: What is the Web Address of Ticket Site?

Q: How many tickets are available online?
A: 25% of tickets are available for booking online.

Q: When can I buy a ticket?
A: You can buy a ticket 10 days before your journey.

Q: What are the Auto Selection and Seat Selection?
A: Auto Selection is when you are traveling in any middle station then you can’t choose your seat manually, the robot or the authority will fix the seat themselves.
But if you’re traveling to the final station, then you can choose your seat with your own wish.

Q: What is the Payment Method for Buying Online Train Ticket in Bangladesh?
A: They accept every type of Visa and Master Card, Card of DBBL and Brac Bank. Even you can pay with Rocket.

Q: Can Someone Buy Train Ticket with Mobile SMS?
A: Yes, it’s possible with Grameenphone and Robi SIM.

Q: What is the Payment Method, while Buying Ticket with SMS?
A: You can use MobiCash with your Grameenphone SIM and Flot for Robi SIM.

Q: How Will I Get the Ticket, if I Buy from Online?
A: If your purchase from the web, then you will get a PDF copy in your email or if you buy with SMS, then you will get an SMS including Ticket Details.

Q: How to Get the Printed Copy with Web PDF or SMS?
A: You have to go the counter which is providing online tickets, go there and give your PDF or SMS information; they will give you a printed ticket.

Q: Can I Return an Online Ticket?
A: Yeah you can, but before returning, you’ve to print it from the counter.
And in Eid, you can’t return ticket.

Something that we need to acknowledge about buying an online train ticket in Bangladesh is sometimes it takes time to get the confirmation SMS from the authority. You’ve to be patience at that time.
If you’ve sent your money successfully, you will find the ticket, of course.


Now it’s easy to journey with the train because we can collect our ticket easily from online. I hope you got this guide helpful for you. Please don’t forget to share this article on Facebook, if you found it helpful.
Maybe this information is important for someone else.

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