A Village Doctor Paragraph for SSC and HSC Students

A Village Doctor Paragraph

A Village Doctor Paragraph
A Village Doctor Paragraph

A village doctor is a person who does treatment for people of villages. A village doctor is a really important person for a village. Most of the village in our country has not high-quality medical system. That's why we need to rely on a village doctor.
Village doctors are a really good-hearted and well-mannered person. Most of the time they have to treat people with really low price and sometimes for free.
People call them at any moment, and they are available too.
They wake up early in the morning and start providing treatments for people at nearly 8.00 AM to until night. Most of the time, they went to the patient house to see a serious one. 
They have a really busy life.
But most of the doctors don't make a good amount of money, that's why they spend a hard life struggling with so many problems. 
A village doctor is a really important part of society. We can't think of a village without a village doctor. Because in the village we don't have a hospital or other services. They are the best friend of villagers. 
Because only he understands their pain and give them sympathy. 

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