28 Things to Know Before Visiting Bangladesh

28 Things to Know Before Visiting Bangladesh

Bangladesh is an amazing country to visit. In this article, I will share 60 things with you that will help you to understand so many things about Bangladesh. You will love these facts and will love to visit Bangladesh.
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1.    Bangladesh is a country based on the river; you will find people communicating by boat in the rainy season.
Bangladesh is a River Based Country
Bangladesh is a River Based Country

2.    A land is famous for fresh fish-dish. It’s great for taste, quality and lots of types of fish.

3.    An economically growing country, our GDP is doing awesome. We already crossed Pakistan in the economy.

4.    People are friendly here. They love foreigners and welcome them with a warm heart. Especially the European or Americans get the most attention. If you’re a white man visiting Bangladesh for the first time, you will get so much attention like a celebrity.
People in Bangladesh are Really Friendly and Helpful
People in Bangladesh are Really Friendly and Helpful

5.    If you love journey by boat, then you need to be here in Ratargul. And Bangladesh has lots of rivers to get boat riding. It’s awesome. I really love to journey by boat.

6.    A lot of sights available based on history, related to Mughal and British rulers.
Lalbagh Fort in Dhaka
Lalbagh Fort in Dhaka

7.    Bangladesh is a peaceful country. People here are calm and they love to remain peaceful.

8.    ‘Lalbagh Fort’ is one of the most popular old historical spots in Dhaka, Bangladesh. You can’t afford to miss this awesome place.

9.    Dhakeshwari Temple is a religious place from Hindus. Some of them say that Dhaka name has come from Dhakeshwari.
Dhakeshwari Temple
Dhakeshwari Temple

10.    Jatiyo Shangshad Bhaban is one of the most surprising constructions and building for a country like Bangladesh. Famous architect Louis I. Kahn was the designer of this amazing complex. You should visit this once.
national parliament house bangladesh
National parliament house Bangladesh

11.    Jaflong is a place near the India border. You just need to visit that place to know more about green Bangladesh. Water flowing in Jaflong is amazing. I’ve visited that place 5 times and wish to visit again and again.

12.    Sylhet has so many sights to see and enjoy. In the city, you’ve Sylhet Internation Stadium, few parks, and tea estate.

13.    Sreemangal is the queen for tea estates.
14.    Bangla is the first language in Bangladesh. Actually, Bangladesh means ‘Country of Bangla or Bengals’. But most of the people here understand English. Because English is our second official language and we learn English from the 1st Grade in school.

15.    Our culture is colorful; you will be amazed if you can visit Bangladesh in any occasion as like Pohela Boishakh, Bijoy Dibosh or International Mother Language Day.

16.    Most of the people from abroad have some misconception about Bangladesh; they think Bangladesh is an extreme Muslim country. Bangladesh is a Muslim country but not extreme as like Pakistan or Afghanistan.

17.    It’s easy to get Bangladeshi visa. Citizen from most of the European and American countries can get an on arrival visa easily with a cost of 51 USD.

18.    Bangladesh is an over-populated country. But it’s a pretty clean country and educated. It’s growing in every part.

19.    Dhaka is the biggest city and the center of Bangladesh. Chittagong is the city of business and port. Most of the people called Chittagong as the business capital of Bangladesh. Chittagong is the second largest city in the country.

20.    Chittagong, Rangamati, Bandarban, Sylhet, Coxs Bazar, Khagrachari are the most beautiful travel destinations in Bangladesh.

21.    Madhabkunda is a very charming waterfall located in Sylhet division. You can go there from Dhaka easily.

22.    Humhum waterfall is the latest invention by Bangladeshi travelers in the same location as Madhabkunda, but it’s pretty hard to visit there due to bad road facilities.

23.    The transportation system in Bangladesh is average, but it’s getting better day by day. There are luxury bus services available there. You can visit the top major cities with flight.

24.    Bangladesh is a country depending on agriculture. There are a big number of people who are farmers.

25.    One of the best clothing exporters in the world. Maybe till now, you’re wearing a Bangladesh made T-Shirt or Tie.

26.    Bangladesh is a country with six seasons.

27.    Bangladesh is the 8th biggest country in the world in terms of population.

28.    Cox’s Bazar is the longest sea beach in the world. And it has awesome marine drive facilities there.
Coxs Bazar


These things are important for someone to know before visiting Bangladesh. I hope you will get some knowledge and that will help you to understand a lot about Bangladesh.