15 August: Bangladesh National Mourning Day | History, Images

What is 15 August in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh National Mourning Day

In 1975, 15 August was the darkest day for the entire Bengali nation. There was a military coup started on this day by a few mid-levels ranked army officers. And finally, that became brutal killing Sheikh Mujhibur Rahman with his entire family. That was one of the saddest incidents for newborn Bangladesh. There is no doubt that Sheikh Mujib is the one who had the most contribution in independent of Bangladesh. But few greedy army officers wanted to get the power and that’s why they planned this brutal killing.

Bangladesh National Mourning Day

In 15 August night, they killed Sheikh Mujib with the entire family except for Sheikh Hasina and Sheikh Rehana. And from that time, this has been our National Mourning Day.

Why 15 August is Important in Bangladesh?

15 August is highly important for us. We celebrate this day to remember and give respect to the ultimate leader Sheikh Mujib. We can’t deny his contribution to the nation.
Here we are going to check some awesome contribution of Sheikh Mujib for the nation.

Bangladesh National Mourning Day

1. For this awesome leadership, he is called as Father of Bengali Nation.

2. He called ‘Bangabandhu’ because of his love for the country.

3. In his time, he shows excellence in disaster management. He took a few important steps these were really important for the country and then we were really benefited from these.

4. He is the person who declared the independence of Bangladesh before getting arrested in 1971 freedom war.

5. He was in prison of Pakistan while the freedom fight was happening in Bangladesh, but his preparation and warning for the entire nation were really important. He came back in a free country, as like a Hero. We accepted him as president.

6. Most experts and philosopher think Mujib was the first one who dreamt to build an independent Bangladesh and he succeeded to do that.

Bangladesh National Mourning Day


After all of his contribution, he was not able to keep going to build the nation. Lots of dark power was against him and finally, they killed him on 15 August. That’s why this month is a month of sad for us. We should remember our great leader.

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