10 Rivers to Cruise in Bangladesh | Boat Journey Travel Guide

Bangladesh is a riverine country and it has lots of beautiful rivers. Though there is not so many luxurious river cruise tour plan in Bangladesh if you want you can arrange one personally. Today I will guide you and show you how you can arrange a cruise on Bangladeshi rivers. Here I am going to introduce 10 rivers these are perfect for a cruise in Bangladesh.

10 Rivers to Cruise in Bangladesh
10 Rivers to Cruise in Bangladesh

Picking the top ten rivers to cruise on Bangladesh is really tough. The reason, there are hundreds of rivers in the country and there is not so many core difference from one to another. I have picked the rivers that I have seen and traveled. And picked a few of them according to too much popularity and people were talking about them.

#1 Cruise on Sundarban

10 Rivers to Cruise in Bangladesh
Cruise on Sundarban

Sundarban is the biggest mangrove forest in the world. If you don’t about this amazing jungle, then you should know. The whole jungle is covered with lots of rivers. You can visit the jungle with an engine boat. That could be an amazing experience for you. There are different types of animals in the jungle; you might see a few of them.
If you are lucky enough, you can see the deer and crocodile. After all, it’s amazing to be on Sundarban.

#2 Meghna River

10 Rivers to Cruise in Bangladesh
Meghna River

Meghna is one of the most important rivers in the country. The most beautiful part of this river is on Kishorganj, near Bhairab Bazar. If you want to experience river cruise in Bangladesh then this river should be on top of your list.
In the rainy season, it’s really fun to be in Meghna.

#3 Padma River

10 Rivers to Cruise in Bangladesh
Padma River

The Padma is a highly important river for both Bangladesh and India and it’s one of the most beautiful rivers too. Bangladesh government is building Padma Bridge and it will be a huge change in communication in Bangladesh. This river is almost 120 km long. It could be an ideal option for a cruise in Bangladesh.

#4 Jamuna River

10 Rivers to Cruise in Bangladesh
Jamuna River

Source of this 205 km long river in Tibet. It is known as ‘Yamuna’ in India. Three major districts that this river has crossed are Mymensingh, Tangail, Pabna. There is a bridge in Jamuna named ‘Bangabandhu Bridge’ near Tangail. It has connected Tangail and Sirajganj districts.

#5 Surma River

10 Rivers to Cruise in Bangladesh
Surma River

Length: 900 km
Countries: India, Bangladesh
Mouth: Meghna River
Source: Barak River
Surma is the longest river in Bangladesh. It is located in Sylhet of Bangladesh. It has got a different name in the Indian part.

#6 Teesta River

10 Rivers to Cruise in Bangladesh
Teesta River

Length: 315 km
Mouth: Brahmaputra River
Bridges: Coronation Bridge
Source: Tso Lhamo Lake
Basin size: 12,540 km2 (4,840 sq mi)

Hydropower generation in Teesta River is another point of contention.

#7 Sangu River

Length: 270 km
Mouth: Bay of Bengal
Source: Arakan Mountains
One of the biggest river in the hill part of Bangladesh.

#8 Karnaphuli River

10 Rivers to Cruise in Bangladesh
Karnaphuli River

Length: 270 km
Bridges: Shah Amanat Bridge, Kalurghat Bridge
Cities: Chittagong, Rangamati
Country: Bangladesh
Mouth: Bay of Bengal
Source: Lushai Hills

#9 Tanguar Haor (Sunamganj)

10 Rivers to Cruise in Bangladesh
Tanguar Haor (Sunamganj)

I think this is the best place for a boat cruise in Sylhet division. I was there about two years ago. That was an amazing experience for me.

#10 Bangshi River

Length: 238 km
Source: Brahmaputra River
Mouth: Dhaleshwari River
Country: Bangladesh


River cruise could be an amazing business in Bangladesh. Because there are lots of beautiful rivers and hawors are available to visit in Bangladesh. I hope this guide will help you to know more about the river cruise in Bangladesh.

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